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No description

Megan Lamont

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Grooms

Pamela Grooms
January 8,?
St. Louis, MO Briar Crest Elementary
Pattonville Heights Jr. High
Pattonville High School
Central Missouri State
Univ. of MO 1st & 2nd Grade-found music could be fun
3rd Grade-”My classroom would be fun.”
8th Grade- knew what she wanted to be when she “grew up”
Weston Noble-
retired-40 years Luther College
12th Grade-only student taken to state
    connected singing with the song and it's meaning Ron Boeth-
suggested best college in the state for Music
    hand picked to go to all state choir
    chose big piano pieces to feature her
    wrote letters on introduction to the music faculty 4th Grade-began harmonizing
12 years old-first piano recital
8th Grade-accompanist for musicals and choirs
12th Grade-All-state choir Married college sweetheart
Moved to Philippines
Directed church choir
Moved back to the States after 5 years John Weldon Elementary- 5 years
Francis Howell North HS-11 years
Lindenwood Univ.- 3 years
General Education-
seeing the light come on College Education-
sharing passion for teaching and seeing the future teacher get excited about their careers Music Education-
great choir rehearsals. That one song that goes perfect. Swithed to college because she was given the oppotunity.
able to mentor future music educators
take choral singing to the next level Ryan Keller. Greatest Success
Lindenwood. The changes and growth.
Raising the bar in the music department.
Great team to work with. Early 90's. 24 singers.
Sandy Katty,New Young Messiah & Sandy Patty. Words of Wisdom
"Teaching isn't all about facts and mastering, It's more about process. If you don't teach your student a process in which to learn, they have no tools when they leave." "And a great teacher or a passionate teacher loves teaching and choses a subject. BUT they could teach anything.They will love teaching anything." "Don't go into teaching if you don't love it." Private Voice & Piano
Piano I & II
University Chorus
Concert Choir
Voices Only
Choral Methods
Advance Conducting
Musicals To Teach Is To Touch A Life Forever Tonight @ 7:30 May 7 & 8 @ 7:30
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