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peter paton

on 15 January 2010

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Transcript of Excel

Welcome to my Excel Presentation! Made By Peter Paton To open Excel click on the green 'x' Click on the toolbox icon to modify toolbars Enter and format text
Click on font on the formatting palette Use the measurements on the side of the cells to change collumn widths and heights. Auto Fill
Click on the corner of the cell and drag it over the cells you want to fill. Delete
Click edit at the top and click on delete To add a formula click on the cell and type = and what you want to calculate and select the cells that you want to calculate. Change lines and Borders
On the formatting paletteclick on Borders and Shading Add and fill coulours to the cell
On shading in the formatting palette click on the bucket icon. Create and format charts
click on charts at the top Lable axis and title
on the formatting palette click chart options-title Decide scale in the axis
double click on the scale you want to change. click on scale at the side Change the scale and press ok Change the colour of line and thicknes or dash Click on the line you want to change and choose what colour you want it Click on weights and arrow and choose the line style you want click marker style on the left and choose dash then click ok Copy Paste Spelling Print Preveiw Save Finished!
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