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Team 2 Project Presentation

No description

Lakshmi Lakshmanan

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Team 2 Project Presentation

Team 2 Project Presentation
Formula-1 Racer Car Team and Ferrari Group are pleased to submit this Project Plan (proposal) for the development of a fully certified formula one racing car prototype that meets or exceeds customer and regulatory requirements.

Formula-1 Racer Car Team is an industry-leading organization in providing design, analyzing and building the prototype for our customers. The diverse backgrounds of our team members and management knowledge of project manager yields success in our projects and satisfaction with our clients.

The Scope of this project is to design, manufacture and test a prototype Formula 1 racing car. The car must meet all the technical requirements, and must stay with in the budget, time and allotted human resources
Work Breakdown Structure
Schedule & Milestones
Resource Management
Communication Management
Stakeholder Management
Scope change control
Risk Management
Project Quality plan
Procurement Management

Work Breakdown Structure
WBS chart
Milestones and deliverable

A complete breakdown of budget analysis is embedded below
Cost ( Work vs Material)

Resource costs
Material costs
Detailed cash flow analysis
Weekly cash flow
Bi-weekly cash flow
Communication Management
Stakeholder Management
Scope change control

Risk Management Responsibilities

Project Quality Plan
Software Tools
MS Project
MS Word, Excel
MS Visio
Risk Repository
Quality Tools
Statistical Process Control
Six Sigma
Control Charts
Design of experiments
Cost of quality

Quality tools
Quality deliverable

Audits and escalation matrix

Procurement Management Plan
Most of the F1 Car parts such as engine body, steering wheel, and Brake components will be bought from trusted American vendors, for e.g., Red Bull, Bosch and TRW respectively.
Includes two types of tracking, external and in-house.
External tracking will require TrackID information from the vendor.
In-house tracking will be done with the help of assigned lot number and a repository system.

Thank you!
This section governs how project pertinent information and data shall be exchanged, shared, stored, and delivered. The importance of this section stems from the fact that effective and efficient communication throughout the duration of the project is paramount to the success of the project.
The project manager shall be responsible for integrating all activities of the work groups involved in the project. As such, the project manager shall communicate to the managers of the work groups the tasks that have been assigned to their respective groups along with the timeline for when the deliverables are expected from each group
The project manager shall be the point of contact to be notified immediately and as ahead of time as possible by the work managers when the following occurs:

 A gating item or deliverable is likely not to be completed on schedule.
 Material will not likely be shipped or received on schedule.
 A major task is taking longer than estimated.
 Requirements are unclear or are open to interpretation.
 A major improvement to a process is discovered.
 A major technical in manufacturing or testing surfaces.
 There is low productivity due to attrition or excessive absenteeism.

At a minimum, the managers of the following work groups must be present during the kick-off meeting. Additional stakeholders can be invited to the meeting at the discretion of the project manager.

 Research and Development
 Electrical Design
 Mechanical Design
 Systems Engineering
 Verification and Validation
 Manufacturing
 Regulatory
 Marketing

Project team communication schedule

The Project team size is determined based on the needs of the project
Teams are assigned based on their level of expertise
Resource Management has been split into two main groups
The Upper Management group
Includes the management team for the project
The Technology Development Groups
Includes the specific groups who are responsible for the design, development and testing of the F1 Car
There are nine different Tech Groups that will be in charge of the various aspect of the car
Resource Hierarchy Chart shows clears which groups are managed by which personnel

Technology Development Groups
The required man power has been listed on the Bi-Weekly bases and the table below show the maximum number of employees that will be needed

Upper Management Group
Required Employee Skills
There are two main deliverables for this project
Finalized Project Design
Final Testing
To be sure that we have the required amount of skilled employees a skills chart has been prepared for each
Resource Hierarchy
Product Design
This Chart Shows the required resources needed to successfully complete the Project Design, phase of the project
Final Testing
This Chart Shows the required resources needed to successfully complete the Final Testing, phase of the project
Labor Resources
The two different groups have different labor resource requirements
Management Group
Total Hours of works required is listed Bi-weekly
It is assumed that they will not be actively completing the project deliverables but overseeing there completion
Technology Development Group
Resources are listed Bi-weekly but in terms of number of employees needed
This will help to understand just how many people will need to be brought onto the project to complete the deliverables
Management Bi-Weekly Hours
Technology Group FTE
Non-Labor Resources
The main Components will need to arrive by 3/20/2014, to keep the project on schedule
This is the point when a majority of the funding is required for the project
Since this is a prototype car we can not implement lean manufacturing, we need to keep stock of all parts

This section will show how the resources for the project will be controlled and utilized to their maximum potential
The steps for resource management of for the project are as follows:
Define Project Team
Define Required Employee Skill Set
Define the Non-Labor Resources
Define Required Resources for the Project
Assumptions used through out the planning stage

Resource Scheduling Assumptions
There is an unlimited ability to adjust resources to match the requirement of the project
The technical resources will only be working on the F1 project, and there will be no internal pressure to work on other projects
The resources all have the knowledge to perform the tasks asked of them and there will be little to no training required
The task will be completed in the time frame that was determined in project planning
All work is internal, there will be no outside consultants used on this project

This section will outline the stakeholders that are involved with the project
The three areas we will look into are
Who are the key stakeholders
What are there needs and expectations
What is the strategy to manage the different stakeholders

Key Stakeholders
The Stakeholders range from the CEO of Ferrari all the way to the specific Part Suppliers
Stakeholder Needs and Expectations
In order to properly analyze how each individual stakeholders needs and expectations will impact the project
The influence and interest chart needs to be developed
Management Strategy
Upper Management
Not Directly connected to the project
Minimum of Bi-Weekly updates on the project
Updates will include how the project is progressing, and if there are any changes needed to the Time, Budget, or Scope
Directly connected to the project
involved in the day to day activties of the project
monthly updates
Update on progress of other groups
Update to the project manager in case there are any possible changes in the Time, Budget or scope
Part Suppliers
Directly Connected to project
Monthly updates
To be sure the supplier is still on schedule
One Common Trait among all groups is that any change to the Scope, Time or Budget must be immediately discussed with all groups
Technical Requirements
Engine Capable of producing 600HP to the Wheels
0 to 60 Acceleration is under four seconds
Max Speed Above 230 mph
Designed to withstand the rigorous F1 Racing Environment
Designed and Certified according to FIA World Motor Sport Council
Use latest stability and breaking control systems
50 million dollars (USD)
Since there is a large amount of risk involved in manufacturing a F1 Car, the budget can be increased by 15% to 57.5 million
Any Further increase will need to be approved to John Edwards CEO Ferrari
Project Deadline is 4/30/2014
6 months to design manufacture and certify a Formula 1 race car
Scope in Detail
The Scope for the project can also be broken down into three different groups that the found in the project
Management Scope
Engineering Scope
Supplier/Procurement Scope
Management Scope
Project Management Shall lead the team to success
Maintain communication with stakeholders
Maintain all project documentation including technical reports
develop a contingency plan for all potential risks
Perform final presentation to stakeholders
Control Budget for project
Engineering Scope
Design and develop the F1 Car
Must submit, CAD Files, BOM, and discussion of technical features
Must ensure proper communication between engineering groups to be sure car is designed properly
Responsible for technical performance and quality of car

Procurement Scope
Finish Engineering BOM
clearly identify suppliers for each component
maintain high level of communication with supplier
Find backup suppliers for all critical components
Scope Decisions
The Scope for this project was defined based on the requirements for the project
One requirement was that have the project completed in 6 months, this will limit the features that can be included in the F1 car
More standard engine to be sure that part will arrive on time
There are typically two types of scope changes
1. originate from the project sponsor
Communicated directly to Project Manager
Requests needs to be in writing so all parties are clear what is to be expected
Project Manager will then meet with management team to assess the impact of the change
If Change is accepted the project manager will make changes to the project plan where needed
2. originate from within the work group
Change request must be filled out and then approved by the manager overseeing the work group
All Change requests will be reviewed by the Change Control Board
If the Change Control Board approves the CR and it is an easy to implement change then the manager who originally signed off on the changes will implement the change
If the change is complicated/ Time consuming the Project manager will decide how to implement
Risk Management Actions
Formal Risk Management Workshop with Key Stakeholders

Risk- Potential risk list
Aerodynamic body
Structure frame structure
Key components in transmission system
Monitor software( security reason)

Building vs Buying
Internal Production: Key Technology, Critical components,security reason, high risk supplier.
Raw material
Electrical system
Braking and controlling system
Safety system
Other sub-assembly parts

Outsourcing: Material and sub-assembly, stable and long term suppliers
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