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Epoxy Coating vs Polyurethane Coating

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Tirza Dharmawan

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Epoxy Coating vs Polyurethane Coating

Source(s) 19:23 7:45 9:35 10:10 15:20 The coating 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Why Do
We Coat
The Chairs
in Cafeteria To prevent corrosion
To enhance the appearance of the chair Epoxy Coating Epoxy Coating Thank You :) Conclusion Investigating the Properties of the Coating Material of Chair in Cafeteria http://www.denmac-ind.com/wp-content/uploads/fluid-bed-010411-300x200.jpg
http://www.metcoat.com/polyurethane-coatings.htm bisphenol-A + epichlorohydrin = epoxy resin epoxy resins + epoxy curing = epoxies Polyurethane Coating epoxy = half aromatic, half aliphatic
polyurethane = often aromatic epoxy coating is more adhesive than
polyurethane coating epoxy has lower chemical resistance
than polyurethane Epoxy is better than polyurethane
for cafeteria use. How Does the Properties of Epoxy Coating
Compare to the Properties of Polyurethane Coating? although epoxy is less resistant to chemicals, but it is better than most polyurethane coating because the epoxy-coated chairs are used in cafeteria and not in chemistry laboratory Even though epoxy coating is only partially aliphatic, but since the chairs are not going to be heavily exposed to UV light, it is better than most polyurethane coating that is mostly aromatic. since we have many windows in cafeteria, epoxy is better since it is partially aliphatic (Compared to most polyurethane)
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