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Keeping It Real ....Race, Difference and Corporate Ethics at

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Delia Bintliff

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Keeping It Real ....Race, Difference and Corporate Ethics at

November 2000
Coca Cola Agreed to Pay 192.5 million to Linda Ingram along with 3 other African American employees who filed a lawsuit against racial discrimination

Constructing A Corporate Hiearchy with minorities (in this case African Americans)
Complex of Ethical Dilemas associated with race and difference in organizations
Racial conflicts in the workplace

Limiting pay of Afican Americans
Rights of minority employees
Differences in compensation
Lack of promotion and career advancement


Presented by:

Delia Bintliff, Eric Gonzalez,
Angelina Mason, Jesus Trevino

Case Study 9 presented by Jessie Trevino , Delia Bintliff, Angelina Mason, Eric
Case Study 9
Keeping It Real
Race, Difference and Corporate Ethics

Follow the law
Education management on diversity and harassment
Continually assess employees needs
Synthesis Of Concepts
Scientific Management tool - Fayol who valued equality or combination of kindness and justice for all .
Equality to encourage workers to carry out duty with devotion and loyalty.
He supported chain of command
Diversity and interpersonal relationship (162)
In what ways do other organizational communication theories, such as organizationals learning, eadership adn change apply in this case?
Of all the challenges faced by the Coca-Cola Company, why do you think the racial discrimination lawsuit received such strong public reaction?
What do the terms, Inclusion, Respect and Fairness mean to you?
Of all the challenges faced by the Coca-Cola Company why do you think the racial discrimination Law Suit received such strong public reaction?
An organizations culture is one of the most important components in the success of the business. By excluding and discriminating against employees for any difference other than pure ability to do the job, greatly limits the potential of growth and efficiency. Just because a company was created in a time of great racial discrimination as coke was, there is no excuse for it to hold on to traditions of discrimination in this day and age. Through this case study it is easy to conclude that there is no positive outcome to discrimination of employees, either the organization will be sued for discrimination and lose money, or they will lose out on acquiring talented individuals who could help the company grow and prosper. Though times have changed again and some progress has been made, the damage of discrimination of any kind in an organization can be seen with the current controversy with the owner of the Los Angelo’s Clippers. An organization must have an environment of inclusion, respect, fairness, and organizational members who foster ethical practices to succeed.
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