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Copy of Costa Rican Legends and Folk Tales

No description

Maria Arias

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Costa Rican Legends and Folk Tales

Costa Rican Legends and Folk Tales
These legends just happen at night
So do not worry during daylight!
This is the story of a beautiful woman that horse riders pick up at night and when they look back at her, her face turns into a mare.
This is the story of a wild dog who appeared to drunk men in dark nights carrying chains and showing its big red eyes.
This is the story of a cart that rolls at night around town without any oxen.
This is the story of a woman who lost her baby and walks along rivers crying out loud to find him.
La llorona
(The Crying Woman)
This is the story of a monkey woman who appears at night to men who are not good husbands, boyfriends, or sons.
La Mona
La Segua
The Oxless Cart
El ¨Cadejos¨
The story is about a priest who goes out at night praying around town but he does not have his head.
The Headless Priest
Thank you!!
Take care
By Teacher Ileana
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