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Rebel and McCandless

No description

William Cantabrana

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Rebel and McCandless

McCandless and the Strayed

William C.
Valeria J.
Brittany N.
William T.

Introduction of Cheryl Strayed
Give us an A+! *-*
Accomplishment of a Rebel
The accomplishment these rebels strive for is very complex and hard to understand because no one can really relate to any rebel. We can't relate because a "Rebel" is considered a rebel for being different than the rest of the world.
How does society respond to "Rebels"
What makes a "Rebel"?
Curiosity Sparks the feeling of thrill and Diversity! A lot of "Rebels" have this feeling.
But It can lead to bad endings
Adventurous can be a great experience to find your inner self but can lead to consequences.
Today we are going to explore what makes a "Rebel" tick. We are going to see the characteristics of a "Rebel" like Cheryl Strayed and Chris McCandless, and see what characteristics they share in common! Get your backpack and map ready were going on a Journey through the mind of the "Rebels".
Successful People Often get things handed to them so this can encourage them to make irrational decisions like venture out unprepared.
Depression is another thing that is in a rebel. "Rebels" who experience depression resort to cut all ties with others to experience another feelings besides depression.
An award winning author that struggled with the loss of her mother and first marriage. Due to the loss of her family, Strayed began to do a series of reckless activity. Her most reckless activity was hiking the Pacific Crest trail, a 2,663-mile hike from California to Oregon.
Strong people like Cheryl are often able to cope with a lot of things like loss and struggle. That's why Cheryl was able to finish her hike because she was a strong woman.
Intelligence is a very useful gift that can keep on giving but as we all know intelligence and crazy have a very thin line and it can lead to Cockiness, and a very egotistic person.
What values did McCandless and Strayed share?
Chris McCandless
Did McCandless and Strayed have different ideals?
Cheryl Strayed
-Born wealthy
-Highly Educated
What was the outcome of McCandless and Strayed's actions?
What could McCandless and Strayed
learn from each other?
-Loving Parents
-Middle Class
-High Education
-Mother died at Cheryl senior year at college
-Very judgmental to the world
-A reserved Character
What they both had in common was that they want to discover their true meaning of their inner self.
Chris wanted to be
After the loss of her mother and 1st marriage, she embarked on a hike to search for more meaningful things in her life.
Chris wanted to have an exciting life, so he took more adventures since he traveled place to place with strangers whom he met along the way.
Cheryl embarked on her hike to release all of her stress and soon she took notes during her hike and found "new strength" during journey.
The outcome of McCandless's actions was the concern from his family, and those he got to know during his adventure. Sadly the adventure ended with McCandless's death.
Strayed had a more positive outcome from her actions. Strayed was able to finish her book Wild. Strayed was able to use her experience to write the best book she could.
Chris could have learned from Strayed to find more meaning in his his life instead of running from it and would inspire others. While Stayed didn't need to learn anything from Chris because her overall experience was a good one and Chris' experience was a failure.
DoodleBob's rebellion
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