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AVID Implementation

Analysis of a Change Initiative

Amanda Day

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of AVID Implementation

What is AVID? Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college-readiness program focused on students that have a desire to attend college. These students apply, interview, and are accepted into the AVID class. AVID Implementation: Seeking to help students in the "middle", W.D. Sugg Middle School implemented the AVID program during the 2010-2011 school year. Initial Involvement: Principal
Assistant Principal
AVID Coordinator
AVID Elective Teacher
4 Core Content Teachers
Parents - Two day professional development (whole group)
- Monthly Staff Development Trainings
- Administrative "non-negotiables" W.D. Sugg Middle School is coming to the end of year one of implementation. Was resistance to change present? What could have been done differently? How can professional development be geared towards concerns from the staff? Stages of Concern Expressions of Concern
Stage 6: Refocusing I have some ideas about something that would work even better.
Stage 5: Collaboration I am concerned about relating what I am doing with what my co-workers are doing.
Stage 4: Consequence How is my use affecting clients?
Stage 3: Management I seem to be spending all of my time getting materials ready.
Stage 2: Personal How will using it affect me?
Stage 1: Informational I would like to know more about it.
Stage 0: Awareness I am not concerned about it.
Hall and Hord, p. 73 Levels of Use Behaviors Associated with LoU
0 Non-Use No interest shown in the innovation; no action taken
1 Orientation Begins to gather information about the innovation
2 Preparation Begins to plan ways to implement the innovation
3 Mechanical Concerned about mechanics of implementation
4A Routine Comfortable will innovation and implements it as taught
4B Refinement Begins to explore ways for continuous improvement
5 Integration Integrates with other initiatives; collaborates with others
6 Renewal Explores new and different ways to implement innovation

Hall and Hord, p. 94 Levels of Use of the AVID Program Stages of Concern About
the AVID Program How can W.D. Sugg Middle School increase the success of the change effort? Create an Innovation Configuration map that the staff is aware of.
Address individual concerns.
Vary levels of professional development.
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