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Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book

No description

My Do

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book

Adultery is for the act she did that cost her to have to wear the A on her chest.
F is for Father which stands for the unknown father in the beginning of the story.
I is for Integrity which Dimmesdale is missing because he is to scared to admit to the sin.
K is for the kindness that Hester showed to the poor people and did not get it back.
Scarlet Letter Alphabet Book
My Do Period.3 2/4/14

B is for Boston which is where the story is being held.
J is for the Justice that was issued in that time that might not be issued now.
C is for Chillingworth, the evil husband
who wants revenge.
D is for Dimmesdale, who commited sin of adultery with Hester.
E is for Eternity which stands for how long Hester has to deal with the symbol on her chest.
G is for Governor, which is for the authority in the colonies at this time and age.
H is for Hester, who is the main character of the story.
L is for the loyalty that Hester shows for both Dimmesdale and Chillingworth by not telling their secret throughout the town.
M is for the marriage which Hester has ruined by committing the sin of adultery.
N is for Nathaniel who is the author of the book.
O is for the opportunity that Hester gets to leave with Pearl and Dimmesdale.
P is for Pearl, the daughter of two sinners is what the colonists call them.
Quiet is how Pearl is when she is around strangers.
R is for religion which has gotten Hester into a lot of trouble.
S is for the scar on Dimmesdales chest.
T is for the torment that each of the characters have in their own different ways.
U is for the unfair treatment that Hester and her daughter receives daily.
V is for the value of the scarlet letter, its weird how something so small means something so big.
W is for witch, which is what Hester would have become if Pearl was taken away from her.
X is for xenophobia which is the fear of foreigners and strangers which describes a trait of Pearl.
Y is for youth which is the time when Hester was labeled as an adulterer.
Z is for the zeal which Dimmesdale has when he reveals his sins to the colonists on the scaffold.
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