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Online Service-Learning Fast Blast

No description

Craig DeForest

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Online Service-Learning Fast Blast

Community Engagement
in Online Courses

Bringle & Hatcher (1996): We view service learning as a credit-bearing educational experience in which students participate in an
organized service
activity that meets
identified community needs
on the service activity in such a way as to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility. Unlike extracurricular voluntary service, service learning is a course-based service experience that produces the best outcomes when meaningful service activities are related to course material through
reflection activities such as directed writings, small group discussions, and class presentation.
Unlike practice and internships, the experiential activity in a service learning course is not necessarily skill-based within the context of professional education.

How do I build and maintain a sense of community in an online course?
How the Heck do I do this without making a mess?
PSH...you can do this!
Do students choose their own partner or should I?
Instructor Chooses Partner
Themes in Faculty Conversations
Service Engagement Summit
Pre-Conference Community Engagement in the Online Classroom
Do students choose their own partner or do I?

How the heck do I do this without making a mess?

How do I build and maintain a sense of community?

How do I prepare students for community work?
Start Small
Help from the right people
Communication Mechanisms/Monitoring
Student Chooses Partner
CP Communication
Confirmation email?
Partnership Agreement as assignment
Trust the Process
+ students in same location
- does not account for distance
+ can work well if CBR (less direct)
+ good for distance students
+ student ownership
- less control/more risk
Organized Service
ID Community Partners/Needs

Project Design & Management

Preparing Students
ID CP Needs
Project Design/Management
Student Preparation
Key = Clear Learning Goals & Instructor approval/involvement
"I will do a number of things to facilitate communication [...] require the students to work with their partners to complete an agreement about the project expectations and outcomes. The form will have my contact info and role, as well as some rules and guidelines."
"I plan to collect the contact information for the partners and ask them to fill out two surveys, one midway through the semester and one at the end, about the student's performance. The suvey will come from me, rather than the student, to ensure authenticity and remind partners I am available."
"I think my biggest concern is students putting the project off until the last minute. [...] A way to help maintain successful progress in their course would be to include 'milestones' along the way to help ensure students make it to the finish line on time."
My biggest issue personally is trusting my students and community partners to each do what is needed to make the project work. [...] I had a hard time letting go of the process [...] my plan is to keep putting myself in that situation until I get used to it!
1) Roll-out vs. One Chunk
2) How to Introduce One Another
How do I prepare students for community work?
What course-based competencies do they need to effectively carryout projects?
What technologies do you expect your students to use and how will you support them in learning these technologies?
Other Considerations

Students Lives
The Fusion Project
Increased online learning a focus for majority of institutions
2013 Babson Survey Research Group: 7.1M taking online courses (up 6.1%)
Online learning often gateway to higher ed for first gen and rural students
Service-learning engages students and improves retention
Designed and created online workshop for faculty
Enabled faculty to infuse online courses with service-learning, community engagement
Delivered twice, 2 weeks each (National to Come)
38 Maine faculty completed
Half day intro session in-person OR virtual
Two week online - a lot of "modeling"
Instruction from you (and CP?)
short videos
foster discussion
When requiring new technology...instructions
link to how-to videos
Start simple with tech or start small with S-L
Can do a lot with discussion boards and final presentation
Try having an optional service-learning component, or maybe group projects with only one group doing service-learning
F2F = Automatic Cohort (different online)

If roll-out, maintain cohort - can have group work, blogs, wikis, and safe space.

one chunk or asynchronous can lose sense of community/safe space
try video conferencing, blogging
typical in F2F, but online means providing instruction
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