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06.08 19th Century Changes: Module Project

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zach davis

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of 06.08 19th Century Changes: Module Project

06.08 19th Century Changes: Module Project
Latin American Independence: Dominican Republic Independence

Dominican Republic independence day is on Feb. 27th. In 1884 the Dominican Republic won its battle with Haiti to end sovereignty. This day is remembered to celebrate the Dominican Republics freedom. This remains an important part in history not only to the Dominican Republic but to hispanics everywhere. It relates to toher events in history by being another country to gain its independence and have its own story.
New Philosophies:Writing of Karl Marx
Karl Marx is known as being one of the greatest philosophers to ever live. Although his ideas throughout his life may be seen as negative or wrong by some this german philosophies have been followed by many. Marx came up with the idea of communism. Although his ideas wouldn't be noticed until the early twentieth century, Marx wrote many books of communism around 1864. Without Marx impact Linen a russian leader would have had many diiferent ideas and not have used the system of communism.
Imperialism: “Monroe Doctrine”
The Monroe Doctrine was a document from the united states to European powers. Written on December 2, 1823 it told European powers to keep away from the western hemisphere. This was a policy made in the United states. This showed that USA is a large power and has interests in Latin America. This relates to other events by showing Americas strength and progress through time.
Italian and German Unification: Zollverein
Zollverein was a German customs union established in 1834 under Prussian leadership. It created free trade for Germany, and led to german reunification. Without Zollverein there would be no german unification. Why would Germany need to be unified? Because as this event plays out Germany when united is one of the largest world powers.
Directions Create an Illustrated Timeline

You explored many events in this module such as movements of independence and reform. The lessons included revolutions, new ways of thinking, and examples of imperialism. Use this knowledge to create an illustrated timeline that highlights five of these events.


Choose one event from each topic below. To make your choices, think about which event you think is most important in each group.
Topic Event Choices—choose one from each row.
Latin American Independence

Haitian Revolution
Spanish American Wars of Independence
Dominican Republic Independence
Cuban Independence

New Philosophies

Industrialization in Britain
Writing of Adam Smith
Writing of Karl Marx
Writing of Thomas Malthus
Writing of John Stuart Mill
Writing and “New Harmony” of Robert Owens


“Monroe Doctrine”
Sepoy Mutiny
Korean colonization
Boer War
Crimean War
Opium Wars
Boxer Rebellion

Italian and German Unification

Founding of “Young Italy”
Il Risorgimento newspaper
Giuseppe Garibaldi appointed general
Seven Weeks’ War
Franco-Prussian War

Recent Movements

Independence movement of one of the following—Algeria, Belize, Kenya, Libya
Meiji Restoration
Negritude Movement
Progressive Movement
Social reform of one of the following—Abolition, Education, Health, Unions, Temperance, Woman Suffrage

Write a summary paragraph for each of the five chosen events. Each paragraph should answer the questions:
What happened?
How is the event significant to history?
How does it connect to other events on the timeline?
Select a representative image for each event. Include the images in your timeline.
Be sure to cite your sources of information and give credit to the source of each image used.
Recent Movements: Progressive Movement
The progressive movement occurred in the last quarter of the 19th century. It was known as an attempt to undo any wrong doings done in the recent industrial growth. It occurred in most cities in the USA or where the most problems were. It showed USA's ability to recover from anything internally in the country.It revealed to people and other countries just how hard working America is.
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