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Polaroid Land Camera

No description

Mia Malagar

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Polaroid Land Camera

By Mia, Lauren and Jaewook Timeline Then The Polaroid Land Camera made a huge social impact when it was first released in 1948 in Boston
It was a milestone in camera technology to have the ability to instantly take and print images
It inspired people to make scientific advances and make life better. It also sparked two further branches of photography; instant photography and digital photography Foundation by Edwin H. Land 1932 1971 Creation of the Instant Camera The Polaroid Foundation is established as a charitable organization. 1948 Edwin Land dies at the age of 82. 1991 Polaroid Corporation is purchased creating a new company that now operates under the Polaroid Corporation name, thereby launching a new era for Polaroid. 2002 Polaroid camera production is stopped. 2005 Introduction The Polaroid Land Camera was invented by Edwin Land. The corporation was formed in 1932, and worked on producing the instant camera for 16 years, before they had a prototype. From there on, the Polaroid cameras were being sold by the thousands, and were a massive part in Instant Camera history. The Polaroid Land Camera Social Impact Now The Magic behind
Instant Cameras The First Polaroid Camera Polaroid Advertisements Polaroid Advertisements Polaroid Advertisements Edwin Land Polaroid Cameras today Science Social significance "The Polaroid Land Camera. Almost anytime I see someone break one of these out, heads in a room turn towards this thing immediately. They spark up conversations very quickly." - Instant Film Society Even now, Polaroid cameras have a large social significance.
The Polaroid Camera still has significance in the modern world as it continues to bring people together socially and captures memories.
is one kind
of energy form.
As the light goes
through the film
it causes a chemical
reaction, which produces
a picture. When the film exits
the camera the roller spreads the chemicals over the film. By Mia, Lauren and Jaewook The Chemistry the layers of Color film Reagent: A substance or mixture for use in chemical analysis or other reactions. There are several layers on a black and white film: there is thin protective film to prevent the scratch and damage to the emulsion
Emulsion is where the image is formed and it is made by 60% of gelatine and 40% of photosensitivity crystal
Under the emulsion, there is fixedness material so it sticks emulsion to the film base.
The film base is made by plastic which is hard and flexible in order to support the film
Under the base, there is halation prevention film that sticked by glue. In this layer, the part of strong ray that went through the emulsion film and reflected from the bottom base and exposure the emulsion film twice, it prevents the spread of the ray .The crystal (figure 1) has the structure of cube like a jungle gym, in that crystal, silver ion and bromide ions are balanced by electrical attraction. Both of them has form of electrically charged ion atom.
Each silver bromide ions has extra electrons. That has one more electron than the bromide atom that has not been charged therefore it has negative charge.
Each silver ion has one less electron then the un-charged atom therefore it has positive charge. The thing that looks irregular in the crystal is exposure particle.
In each crystal, there are many incomplete elements and that elements work as really important parts in the process of forming the picture.When the ray hits the silver bromide ion’s crystal, then the process of picture starts.
The ray gives energy to the extra electron of silver bromide and makes it to get higher level of energy. Then the negative charged electron wandering around the structure of crystal until it reaches to exposure particle. That electron attracts the free silver ion to itself which has positive charge.When another ray hits the silver bromide ion and separates electron, more silver moves to the exposure particles.
Electron combines with silver ion and makes the electrical balance, makes the silver ion as metallic ion atom. However, in this process there will be no chance to see the change even with electric microscope.
When few metallic ion atom shows up at exposure particle, the latent image’s develop starts.
Latent image is the start point of change of all crystals to silver in process of developing process, the chemical reaction that cannot be seen by bare eyes.
Developer amplifies the small amount of chemical reaction which is the structure of the exposure material that occurred by ray energy in order to amplify the chemical reaction to huge amount so it makes the image.
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