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Positive Thinking

Mentoring Presentation

maheshakya wijewardena

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking for Young People
Norman Vincent Peale
Trust your self
Power comes from a quiet mind
You make your own happiness
Stop fuming and fretting
You get what you expect
Be a winner
Why worry
Clues to solve your problems
What to do in a slump
You are what you think
Easy does it
You like people - people like you
Learn to remember names
Be a comfortable sort of person
Be relaxed
Be an interesting person
Don't be "scratchy" or "difficult"
Practise liking people
Never miss an opportunity to congratulate another on his achievement
You Like People-
People Like You
Trust yourself
Quiet mind
You get what you expect
Like others
"Through courage, character, manliness and positive thinking we can make our life what ever we want it to be"

Fill mind with
self confidence
Quiet MIND.......
Clear away inferior attitudes,

suck the dust
How to trust YOURSELF?
Words have an amazing power
of calming your mind
"Throw your worries into the sea and watch them disappear"
Power Comes From
A Quiet MIND.......

Be a Winner
If you think of an

let it be only about
how to
how to
A clean engine always delivers

so will a mind free of
negatives produces
Most of our obstacles,
as a matter of fact,
in character
- attitude towards them is
Why Worry?
word 'worry' comes from Anglo Saxon,

worry can make you ill
Imagination is a

as well as a
if you fear some thing

you mind will adapt to have
fear for that for ever
Be the person you want to be.

Empty your mind, but refill it quickly with
Ways to


Can the methods we
practice be applied in any
problem we face in our life?
emergency powers
the human

Provokes extra
Believe that for every problem there is a solution.
Keep calm, your brain cannot operate efficiently under stress, go at your problem easy like.
Don't try to force an answer. Keep your mind relaxed so that the solution will become clear when the right time comes.
Get all the facts together; look at the them without bias. Try to judge them as if they were no personal concern of yours.
Write down these facts on a sheet of paper. When you do this and get them into proper order, you will see them and then think about them more clearly.
Trust in faculty of insight and intuition.
Thank You !
Who decides whether you shall be happy or unhappy?
You do
The answer
Try to be Happy
and Possitive

The way to live in this world
is to have
childlike heart and mind
Sometimes living conditions are responsible for not a few of our woes. But to a large extent by our thoughts and attitudes we decide either to be happy or unhappy.
Are Living conditions responsible?
Sometimes people are in manufacturing business and do you know what they manufacture?
“Fret not thyself “
Stop fuming and Fretting
Points to reduce fume and fret.
1.Sit, stand and walk in an exceedingly relaxed manner.

2.Spend two or three minutes thinking of a most beautiful and peaceful scene.

3.Repeat some poems that carry the mood of peace and quiet.

Believe in yourself, think positively,dedicate to your work,dream the result,never give up and achieve your goal..
feeling of not being wanted or neede is one of the most devastating of all human reaction
Little Negatives
Big Negatives
Life is rough
but ROUGH is only MENTAL
Obstacles are true but they are not difficult as they might seem
Why Trust Yourself?
You can't be successful or happy without confidence
Get over the "inferiority complex"
How to..... CONTINUED
Change your vision
Think of what you have

Think how to use them to get what you don't have
What to do in a slump
Faults serious and minor deal with them directly
Confess to your fault take the punishment if it's a matter of punishment
Make lapse good if that's possible
Discouragement, Gloom, Bad temper are often the result of guilt
Resentment, hate, Grudge will give you ill health
remember how you felt after you had a fit of anger
Emotional ills
Saps your Energy
Reduces your efficiency
Siphons off your happiness
If you feel low ask yourself if you have any resentment at heart
Types of emotional ills
Bride get's ill when the wedding is near.(Marrying the wrong person)
Students get cold (When the exams are near)
Child get's ill (Because of the fear of his strict father)
Anger is an emotion and emotions are warm
When angry
Delberately unclench your fists, speak in a lower tone, whisper if necessary
It's difficult to quarrel whispering
Say aloud to your self
"This won't get me anywhere: Skip it"
Train your self to think " it worth it?"
Don't let hurt build
immediatly apply a cure
Open your mind and let grievences flow out
Don't let vestige of it remain........... Then forget it
" I told my wrath, my wrath did end"
- William Blake (Poison Tree)
You are What you think
"Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"
If you don't like the kind of person you are

get rid of your worn-out thoughts
Fill your mind with fress positive creative thoughts
Become a positive thinker and remake your self
"A man's life is what his thoughts make of it
-Marcus Aurelius-"
Think your way out of failure and unhappiness
think your way to success and happiness
Visualize then actualise success
- while doing the right thing -
See the error in yourself

Secret to success is have less errors

Error is in the way you think
We are victims of mounting tension, we have difficulty in relaxing Caught up in the rush of day

We are not living fully!
Let's slow down a little .......
simplest way to ease the tension is "easy does it" attitude
Do every thing more slowly
less hectically
and without pressure
Great Ball players look very relaxed, and they make the shots look easy
"Easy does it !"
Believe in hard work but not in working hard
work easily then the hard work becomes easier
Stop thinking how hard things are

practice thinking you can do it
then do it with no strain
make a hit in your studies
Doing things the easy way
2. Determine to like your work, no matter how much you dislike the subject.
1. Don't get the idea that you're atlas.
Don't strain so hard!
3. Plan you work follow your plan
Procrastination, doing only things you like will get you swamped at the end
4. Don't try to do every thing at once
Have 4 subjects tomorrow? forget 3 and do just one
You will do the preparation better and quickly.
5. Get correct mental attitude
"Think it's going to be hard, and you make it hard
Think it's going to be easy, you'll find it tends to be easy"
6. Be eficient in your work
Don't waste time trying to get out of it,
Don't bother whether you like it or not,

Get down to it

then be proud of the result
7. Discipline yourself - Life grows easier
Finish your work upto schedule then have that personal satisfaction

Words like
suggestive articulation
emptying the mind
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