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Education system around the world

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똥깽 김

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Education system around the world

TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Do you wonder what
USA's education system is? In America..... England <To Compare With Korea..> Korea France <Primary Education in France> <Secondary Education in France> <Elite Education in France> Norway Sweden Finland Ireland Spain Germany Students
who are tired of STUDYING! OECD ranked
South Korean elementary, middle, and high school students

compared to other OECD countries. the lowest in terms of happiness,
the highest suicide rate THE ONE SHOT SOCIETY... College Scholastic Ability Test
(known as ) Su-neung 3150
8 10 hours for days hours a day p.m. a.m. to japan National Center Test for University Admissions no zero period
no supplementary classes
no evening self-study session China Denmark Education system PRIMARY SCHOOL
Age : 6-12 Junior Middle School
Age : 12-15 High School
Age : 15-18 UNIVERSITY You should pass... Gao Kao! National Higher Education Entrance System Primary school Upper secondary
education Higher education Compulsory & Tuition Free Children begin school
at the age of six or seven.
The primaryschool (elementary school)
is an integrated, comprehensive school.
Children are not streamed according
to ability or social background.
In Denmark, there are 9 years
of compulsory teaching rather than
9 years of compulsory schooling.
This lack of compulsory schooling
makes it possible for children
to be taught at the so-called free schools. Since 2001, pupils have been able to
decide for themselves whether
they wish to continue their school education
at a further education upper secondary school institution.

In the case of the general vocational courses there is a choice between a three-year upper secondary school course,
a 2 or 3-year foundation college
or a 2-year foundation course. Self-select!!!! Vocational education
and training Vocational school
training Elementary
School Vocational education and training courses
are of 3 - 4 years’ duration.
They commence with a school based basic training course, which is followed by
dual based main training.
Access to basic training is guaranteed.
A choice may then be made between 7 occupational fields: technology and communication, buildings and facilities, craft trades and technology, food production, gastronomy, engineering, transport and logistics, services, trade, industry and commerce, office management and banking.
An individual training plan and training
and careers guidance form
a fixed component
of basic training. compulsory & tuition free University!!!!!! 유럽 다했개 The SAT exam for them They also study hard to go to UNIVERSITIES Thank you! sources
http://www.high-hed.co.kr/01summary/summary01.jsp during a weekend in mid-January
over a period of two days What do you feel after seeing
other countries' educational systems? 5 11 16 GCSE technical
college continue at
high school "A levels"
exam(18) university Creche or nursery school at the age of 3 secondary school: at the age of 11 11-15: standard curriculum after 15: choose between : pathway academic(70%): have to pass: Le Baccalaureate vocational: finish education at 18 system of elite education: for the top 5% of its students "Grand Ecoles" educated for free given supports while studying * have to: work in the civil service eligible?
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