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Monster- Guilt and Innocence Presentation

Who is guilty? Who is innocent? Who knows?

Steve Harmon

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Monster- Guilt and Innocence Presentation

This is a tester. The knowledge that makes us cherish innocence makes innocence unattainable.

-Irving Howe MONSTER By:
Walter Dean Myers Steve Harmon's Black. He's In Jail, Maybe Forever. He's Also On Trial For Murder. He's Only Sixteen. Topic: Guilt and Innocence Example #1 July 8th Page 78 to 79 Prisoner 2: But suppose he's innocent. Old Prisoner: You innocent? Steve: Yes. This is an example of the prisoners contemplating innocence and guilt. But was Steve telling the other prisoners the truth? Example #2 July 8th Pages 78 to 79 O'Brien: Nothing is happening that speaks to you being innocent. Half of those jurors, no matter what they said when we questioned them, believed you were guilty the moment they laid eyes on you. You're young, you're black, and you're on trial. What else do they need to know? Steve: I thought you're supposed to be innocent until you're proven guilty? O'Brien: That's true, but in reality it depends on how the jury sees the case. This shows how Steve finds out how he is really being judged by the jury even when the law says that you are innocent before proven guilty. Which raises the question: Were you ever judged guilty before given a chance to prove yourself? Example #3 July 9th Page 111 Steve : I'm just going to tell the truth, that I didn't do anything wrong. You believe that, don't you? Steve said this to his father. He opened his heart to tell his father that he was innocent. He wouldn't lie to his father about his innocence, right? Example #4 Example #5 July 11 Page 138 Steve: "I'm not guilty." O'Brien: "You should have said, 'I didn't do it." Steve: "I didn't do it. July 17 Page 276 The two guards that were standing behind Steve back away from him. He has been found not guilty. So, What are you? Guilty? Innocent? Two guards begin to put handcuffs on James King. The jury has found him guilty. This is when Steve honestly admits that he didn't do it. If you were on the jury, what would your verdict be? Or
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