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on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of THE HYDROLIC

The first one is evaporation is when it heated from the sun and goes up to the sky.Condensation is a change of the gas to a cloud and it helps transform precipitation.Precipitation is when the water is transforms from the atmosphere to the land as rain,hail,snow, and steal.Groundwater is water located below ground and returns to the surface throw out the roots.Transporation it transforms water to the atmosphere by plant and vegetation and also water to land.Runoff is water transport from land to the ocean.If it rainfalls to much so it could cause a big trouble because it could flood the ocean.
Discuss the 6 stages of the water cycle.
Can the water cycle began at any stage?
It changes by doing the water cycle all over in a different place city and country. We read and did research on google and safari

It would be a disaster.For example if evaporation is not in the water cycle it would not be possible to start condensation.An other reason we would run out of water with out the water cycle and we would have a drought.We need all cycle in order for water cycle to work and we could have water.
What would happen without one part of the water cycle?
How does water change each day?
The water cycle can start at any stage because it start all over.It helps out one on other for example conversation helps out evaporation.
Fun facts about the water cycle!
A fun fact is that the water cycle does not have a start neither an end.
The water cycle helps bring us fresh water to the ocean and we drink that water.
The water been in earth since the earth was created.
Importance of water conservation!
Water conservation is importance because we are in a drought and we need to save water.We have a drought because it haven't rained.
Ways to conserve water are fix toilets and sinks for it wouldn't be wasting water for no reason.
The website that we got the information was ck12.com and esparazaclass.weebly.com :)
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