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Current Slavery

No description

Miguel Quiroz

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Current Slavery

Not For Sale !
By: Miguel Quiroz & Sofia Avona
Get Involved
Join the movement with NFS on Facebook/Twitter


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Sign up, and volunteer for NFS

Join the NFS tour

PO Box 1000
Phone: 650.560.9990
In 2001, David Batstone discovered that his favorite restaurant he went to for years was the center of a local human trafficking ring.
The Start of the N.F.S foundation
He realized this was part of a growing international issue affecting every of industry and corner of the earth.
From there, Batstone wrote the book Not for Sale in 2007, and after started a movement. The NFS was born and is located in Half Moon Bay California.
NFS has obtained up to 400K+ abolitionists internationally
13 MLB teams and up to 50 players advocate NFS.
10,000+ people aided.
15,000+ services provided.
NFS was able to aid 155%+ more survivors and those at-risk with job placement in 2012.
The NFS foundation has thrived up to 250% in 2012 alone .
After NFS services, 90% of children received an education.


The NFS foundation garnered victims from different countries by consigning abolitionists in that certain country to alleviate the victim. So far, this method has been very effective internationally, and the NFS foundation will continue using this method.

Activist methods
Meet Aini

Aini Grew up in a poor town in the Philippines.
Moved to the Netherlands by force.
No education.
No money.
Forced into domestic labor for years.
Raped numerous times by her boss.
Physically abused.
Mentally abused.
Emotionally abused.
Before NFS
After NFS
Aini obtained an education
Has a full time job in the culinary department
Placed in a secure shelter.
Living a whole new life.
Why is this organization the best?
NFS was focused on modern slavery since 2007.
More than 400k abolitionists worldwide.
NFS supports 30 countries in 4 continents
10,000+ Services provided since 2008. 677 services provided in 4 months alone. And 15,000+people have been helped around the world.
NFS donated a boat, a library, and even invented a
protocol for police to utilize in South Africa.
NFS has grown 250% in 2012 alone.
90% of victims acquired an education after NFS interfered.

Works cited

"Not For Sale: End Human Trafficking and Slavery." Not For Sale End Human Trafficking and Slavery Home Comments. Ed. Kilian Moote. Freedom2Work, 1 Jan. 2013. Web. 31 Oct. 2013.
Driving Question
How can we as activists at New Tech become agents of change to benefit modern day slavery?
As students of New Tech we can become activists by spending time outside of school to help any organization aimed at eliminating modern slavery. This project is coming to an end, so students now know how big of a deal modern slavery is, with the information we've learned in school, we should inform as many people as we can, because the more people that know about this issue, more and more people will want to take action, and modern slavery will be eliminated internationally.
to create a world
where no one is for sale.
"To create a world
where no one is for sale."
Statistical Facts
Facts about modern slavery
Statistics of Modern slavery
There are more than 30 million slaves today.
68% are female
25% are age 18-25
57% never received an education
60% are poor and isolated
Sex trafficking is the most common form of slavery
There are more slaves today than there ever were before.
Countries the NFS target
Location of the NFS foundation
Half Moon Bay California

The Netherlands
South Africa
Start of the N.F.S Foudation
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