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Lance/Buddy Franklin

No description

Michael Godefa

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Lance/Buddy Franklin

Lance Franklin
1.Where was Lance Franklin born?
2.When Lance started to play footy?
3.When Lance Franklin started being called Buddy?
4. Fun Facts about Lance Franklin
5.Thanks for watching

Where was Lance born?
Lance Franklin was born in Perth. Lance is the second last person to be born in his family. The name Lance came from his mother, father and four sisters for he could not talk. The date that Lance Franklin was born in 30-1-1987.
When Lance started to play football?
Lance Franklin started playing football in 2005 when he was 17. When he was 17 he got suspended. In two weeks after he got suspended he started to play football. The Hawthorn Football Club saw how good Lance played footy so they put him in the team as a forward.
When Lance was named Buddy?
Lance Franklin's family started to call Lance, Buddy. It was also on his birth certificate. Also people started to call Lance Buddy. He was known as the best Aboriginal footballer.
Facts about Lance Franklin
These facts may be repeated:
1. Born in 1987
2. Birthday in 30th of January
3. Height: 196cm
4. Weight: 103kg
5. Career games: 180
6. Career goals: 578
7. 2013 games:19
8. 2013 goals: 58
9. 2013 dream points: 1495
10. Number: 23
11. Aborigine
12. Born in Perth
13. Coleman Medalist: 2008
14. Best and Fairest: 2008
15. Premier Side: 2008
16. Leading goalkicker: 2007,2008,2009
17. NAB AFL Rising Star nominee:2005
18. All-Australian: 2008, 2012
19. Third Best and Fairest: 2009
Thanks for watching
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