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Middle Age Concentric Castles

No description

Kayla Foley

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Middle Age Concentric Castles

Middle Age Concentric Castles
By: Kayla Foley

Castles were first built for military use. Even though stone was the strongest material for constructing castles, it wasn't good enough once military weapons became more destructive. Architects were looking for a way to improve castles when they started building concentric walls (Concentric Castles).
Concentric castles were built with a center building made up of stone walls and towers, with at least one outer wall which also had towers. The height of the walls always increased toward the middle (Concentric Castles-BBC)
The idea had come from Muslim concentric castles and walls that Europeans had seen on Crusade (Architecture).
The Concentric castle was known as "a castle within a castle." The center building had everything a normal castle would have, including constant access to fresh water, a strong defense system, a moat, drawbridge, and several gatehouses (The Concentric Castle).
The concentric castles were made mostly of stone. Types of stone such as hard chalk, flint, limestone, and sandstone were some of the most commonly used (Concentric Castles).
Concentric castles were said to be some of the most well defended castles ever built (Concentric Walls).
The only drawback of the concentric castle was the cost. They were very expensive due to the amount of stone needed to build the multiple layers of walls (Medieval Concentric Castles).
The walls were built at different levels so that archers in the central castles could fire over those on the outer walls during an attack (Medieval Life Types of Castles).
Caenarfon and Beaumaris were two concenric castles that were very well know and well defended. They were said to be "almost unconquerable" (Carradice, 2011)
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Concentric castles became popular after the invention of gunpowder becuase they could withstand attack better than earlier castles built with only one wall (Concentric Castles).
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