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Travel Channel Photo Story

Middle Colonies

Monica Rolince

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Travel Channel Photo Story

Welcome to the
Middle Colonies! Come to the Middle Colonies for religious freedom! There is rich soil here and plenty of success! The Middle Colonies
is located here: These colonies include:
Delaware, Pennsylvania,
New York, and New Jersey. Climate We have vast plains covered in fertile soil. We also are known as the Bread Basket Colonies because of the large grain exports resulting from this rich soil. Geography We have many broad navigable rivers of relaxed current like the Susquehanna River, the Delaware River, and the Hudson River. These waterways attracts diverse business. Hudson River Delaware River Susquehanna River Important People Government We have mild climate with warm summers and cold winters. Our region is colder than the Southern Colonies, but hotter than the New England Colonies. This climate makes it great for farming! We have a provincial and a proprietary government. New York and New Jersey are provincial colonies. Delaware and Pennsylvania are proprietary colonies.
Provincial governments are governed by commissions created by the monarch. A governor and council were appointed and authorized an assembly. The assembly could make all local laws.
Proprietary governments are grants by patents for special territory to people from the monarch, giving them rights as proprietors of the land. William Penn He is the leader of the Quakers and founded Pennsylvania. He is peaceful and and he designed the town of Philadelphia. Peter Stuyvesant He is the Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland or now renamed as New York. One of his accomplishments is the great expansion for the settlement of New Amsterdam. Henry Hudson He discovered the Hudson River and Hudson Bay. Here are some important people in the Middle Colonies: Education, Lifestyle, and Jobs Education Our education is sometimes harsh, but stable. Most children who can't afford official schooling goes to home schooling. One of the most common types of schools is a Dame School. Dame Schools are private schools provided to the working class children before they are old enough to work. Lifestyle Warm summers Cold winters Dame School Men runs the government and builds houses and barns. Women cooks and does housework. We farm and hunt for food. We also raise animals. Some children go to school but most children went to help their parents. Families live in log cabins. We use fireplaces to cook food and to heat the house. a Middle Colonies' house Jobs We have a great variety of jobs, good trades, and the wages are very high. We have rich, fertile soil and great weather for farming wheat. The soil is also good for mining metals. We have a lot of livestock which made goods like butter, milk and meat. We export and trade all of these goods around the globe and make a lot of money. Other jobs are: blacksmith, carpentry, and wagon makers. Entertainment and recreation We do a lot of fun things around here.
Children play games like hide and seek, tag, marbles, hopscotch, jumping rope, Nine Pins (which is bowling but with nine pins), and Rolling the Hoop (which is racing while rolling a wooden hoop).
Women sometimes made pottery for fun.
Men drew and painted. They also wrote poetry and stories.
All of these fun things are just some of our entertainment and recreation. a boy playing Rolling the Hoop We also have a rich diversity and we welcome all kinds of different people. You can have a lot of freedom here and we are known for our tolerance. So come and live here for our rich soil, successful business, and vast diversity! Monica Rolince By: Note: All images used here is from google images or its website: https://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi
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