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Japanese Currency

No description

Jeremias Hernandez

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Japanese Currency

Japanese Currency &
The Art of Shopping Currency
and Translations 1 Japanese yen = 0.010855 U.S. dollars 10 Yen
10 Japanese yen = 0.10855 U.S. dollars
5 Japanese yen = 0.054275 U.S. dollars
50 Japanese yen = 0.54275 U.S. dollars 100 Japanese yen = 1.0855 U.S. dollars 500 Japanese yen = 5.4275 U.S. dollars 1000 Japanese yen = 10.85500 U.S. dollars
aka Ichi ma
ma= thousand
ichi= 1 translate: Ichi ma go sen 15,000 yen 2000 Japanese yen = 21.71 U.S. dollars
Relitivly rare 5000 Japanese yen = 54.27500 U.S. dollars Dealing with money
pay attention Tip 1

There are no tips
Gratitude is rude Tip 2
do not ever hand someone money
Envelops are used to transact money
from one person to another
flashing money around makes you look like
an idiot and it’s also rude.
the Japanese tend to be discreet with their
money. they treat it the same way men would treat
feminine products, embarrassed to handle such degrading
"wedding envelop" money trays for shopping
Great place to
buy "nick-nacks"
for friends
or random items
including food to
bring back 100 ¥ can get you a soda in a
vending machine If you have to hand them money thay will return the change to your hand while placing their hand under yours and then their other hand transacting the physical money By: Jeremias
Ryan List of items to potentially purchase in Japan:
Silk ties Kimono bowls Sword
Flip Flops Chop sticks (fancy) Random assortment of snacks
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