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L1 in the classroom

No description

Derya Bozdogan

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of L1 in the classroom

Should the students’ L1 be used in the classroom? L1 in the classroom classroom management,
language analysis,
presenting rules that govern grammar,
discussing cross-cultural issues,
giving instructions or prompts,
explaining errors, and
checking for comprehension

(Auerbuch, 1993) “If we use L1 in language teaching, learners will become dependent on L1, and not even try to understand meaning from context and explanation, or express what they want to say within their limited command of the target language (L2).”

"A non-threatening environment is essential for L2 learners to learn the target language effectively and so L1 can be used by the teacher to some extent."

Do you agree or disagree with the above statements?

Should we completely avoid the use of L1 in the ESL/EFL class? As much as possible
Consistent use of English
Children will be using their L1- never pretend you don’t speak or understand their L1
Do not switch to L1 finding excuses
http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/forum-topic/teaching-english-3 If Ss are nervous/anxious about speaking entirely in a new language but they are forced to use only that language, they might instead choose to say nothing. Allowing a mix of L1 and the new language might allow them to overcome the anxiety.
http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/forum-topic/using-l1-esl-classroom http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/forum-topic/using-l1-esl-classroom
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