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History of Superhero Comics

No description

Isaiah Nolan

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of History of Superhero Comics

First Superhero Emerges Other events at this time...
Grapes of wrath
Albert Einstein Atomic Bomb
Wizard of OZ Superman Debuts for first time
Worth $1,000,000
Most expensive in the world
Year Nov. 1st 1938
Was the First Superhero Ever!
*Started The Golden Age Of Comics* Worth $343,000
Written By Joe Smith
Year 1942
Published By Timely Comics
Art work by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon Captain America Year 1939 THE FIRST AVENGERS WHERE IT ALL STARTS Born in Romania 1893 died 1965
Had ties with Frank Costello
Owner of the Martin press
Began Independent News and printed big companies Magazines such as "Hearts Magazine", "Cosmopolitan", and "Good Housekeeping".
Bought out "Detective Comics" and "National Allied Comics"
Hired Jack Liebowitz as his accountant who made many good Merging decisions
Vertical and horizontal integration Harry Donenfeld THE ONE WITH THE IDEA Born 1890 died 1968
Hunted Pancho Villa
His inspiration came from the newspapers famous "funnies".
Created his own comic book Titled "New Fun".
Went bankrupt and lost "Detective Comics", and sold His Company "National Allied Comics". Major Jack Wheeler-Nicholson First Superhero to have his very own comic
Worth $210,000
Superman was rejected some 15 times and thrown away!
Was bought from Jerry and Joe for $130 dollars from Harry Donenfeld . Became a Billion dollar idea. BATMAN FIRST APPEARS Today's DC comics gets its name from Detective Comics
Batman appears in issue #27 of DetectiveMagazine
Worth $300,000
Detective Comics was created by Malcom Wheeler Worth 100,000 Goodman Started Timely Comics and hired Stan Lee Martin Goodman A Rivalry is Born Stan Lee Created Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, fantastic four and the X-Men MARVEL'S FIRST THE FIRST JUSTICE LEAGE Last of the Silver Age BRONZE AGE 1970-1985 MODERN AGE 1985-Present day SILVER AGE 1956-1970 MOVIE ERA OF COMICS THE END Published in 1939 by Martin Goodman
Is now worth over $250,000
Made by Funnies Inc.
Stars the Human Torch
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