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NES4 Objection Obliteration Crash Course

Identify, Isolate, Obliterate

Greg Gomez III

on 6 July 2018

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Transcript of NES4 Objection Obliteration Crash Course

8-Steps to Resistance-
Free Objection Handling

Visit: FastStartMarketer.com/objection For a FREE Rebutal Guide To Your BIGGEST Objections
So What's The Solution?
My Patented 8-Step Objection Handling Process, Of Course...
Common Examples:
"I Don't Have the Money..."
Be Sure To Add Your Email Too ;)
(For a BONUS Gift)
Before We Begin...
Who is This "Greg Gomez III"?
1st Ever, NES Expert Of Experts...
Online Coaching Since 2003
Clients Have Included...
Ted Thomas
Joe Polish
Jonathan Budd
And a TON of 8-Figure Telemarketing firms, You've never heard of :O)
So Here's The BIG Problem
With What You've Been Taught About Objection Handling...
Old Techniques
"Personality-Based" Rebuttals
Step 1: Acknowledge
Step 2: Take Away (soft)
Step 3: Re-Determine Interest
Step 4: "Set-Aside"
Step 5: Isolate (x2)
Step 6: Rebuttal
Step 7: Comprehension Question
Step 8: Close, Close, Close!
8-Step Objection Handling Formula
Step 1: Acknowledge...

1. “I can certainly see why you would feel that way.”

2. “I completely understand why you might feel that.”
Acknowledge the prospects concern. (empathy not sympathy)
Step 2: Take Away (Soft)
i. Gently take control from prospect by being OK with them not getting started.

ii. Relieve Pressure/Sales Resistance

ii. This creates more desire for your product/service because you aren’t willing to “chase” your prospect for the deal. (Relaxed leadership.)
Ex. “And keep in mind it’s not mandatory you take advantage of this; I’m not here to twist your arm into (losing weight, saving money on your phone bill/travel expenses, etc.)”, It's just that...
Step 3: Re-Determine
i. You need to identify whether your prospect still has a desire for your product/service.

ii. This also creates another “yes” in your NLP process.

iii. Normally they will come back with “I do it’s just that… (Objection)”
EX: “…But when we spoke before the conference call you seemed very interested in learning how to (USP). IS that still correct?”
Step 4: "Set-Aside"
Diffuses the objection by confidently insinuating that the issue can be resolved easily.
1. “OK, I understand that but, let’s assume I can show you a way to get around that (issue)…“

2. “I get what you’re saying, but put that aside for a minute…”
Steps 1-4:
The Set Up...

"How Do I Get People To "Buy"?"

Focused On Selling What We Want To Sell...

Not What Our Prospect Wants To Buy... (And Why They Want To Buy it)
Step 5: Isolate (X2)
i. Helps insure you are dealing with the REAL issue before you commit to “using up” a rebuttal.

ii. Also helps ID any other potential “threats” that might be looming just below the surface.

iii. Commits prospect to a “if you do this, I’ll do that” agreement.
“Would there be anything else that would stop you from getting started tonight?”

(If yes), “Ok, what else would stop you from getting started tonight?”

(After new issue is expressed) “Would there be anything else?”

(Repeat these processes till all objections are on the table. Usually last one is the real objection/issue.)

“Sigh…, what it really is, is "BLAH"...

(Now that we've uncovered the real issue...)
Step 6: Rebuttal
i. Provides a clear, simple and concise answer to the issue.

ii. Doesn’t have to be rocket science to be effective, in fact the simpler you keep it, the better.
“Again, $X dollars is a lot of money, but that’s exactly why this program is for you...

You see, with as much traveling as you’ve done and plan to do over the next year, it’s not really a question of “if” you’re going to spend that money; you already are.

The problem is you’re spending it over and over again in the form of higher travel charges you don’t need to pay.

This way, for that one time/small monthly investment, you’ll be able to save up to 30% on all your travels this year, it’s like you’re getting paid to do what you were going to do anyway.

Even better, the more you travel the more you save, it’s like getting some of your trips for free...“
“So, just so I’m clear, if we can help you get this/these issues resolved (Satisfying the prospects issues) you’re saying you want to get started tonight, is that right?”
Step 7:
Comprehension Question
This is a question that confirms your prospect understands your rebuttal & get’s a “yes” answer.
1. “Does that make sense?”
2. “Do you see how that works now?”
3. “Is that clear?”
4. “Is that fair?”
- Make sure you get a firm “yes”.
1. “Uh-huh” or “OK” is typically not good enough.

2. If you did not get a firm yes:

a. “Are you sure you understand <firstname>?”

b. “You don’t sound 100% clear, are you sure you get it?

c. Let me say that again so you can be 100% clear.”
If they still don’t “get it”, repeat the rebuttal but a little slower this time.

Sometimes hearing the same information twice helps it sink in.
Step 8: Close, Close, Close!
i. Direct Close:
1. “Great, go ahead and get your credit card and we’ll get you set up on this end.”

2. “Wonderful, How did you want to get this going today, was that going to be Visa or MasterCard?”
ii. Trial Close:
One that directly tells your prospect to grab payment to get going.
A close that asks for a small bit of info prior to going for payment. If prospect says "yes" to trial, they will most likely agree to get started.
"How did you want your name to appear on your order form, was that first and last name or do you use a middle initial?"
iii. "Hard Take Away" & "Final Close" Approach.
To be used if you get resistance from 2nd close attempt...
1. Hard take away.
You know <firstname>, I’m not sure if this is for you. This program is going to require a level of commitment to get the results we’re talking about, but you don’t seem that excited about this, is this really something you want to do? What’s really the issue than?
2. Close (last Chance).
a. Handle objection as described above.

b. Move to a final direct close
Steps 5-8
"The Close"

"I Need To Think About It/Talk to My Spouse..."
"Is There Something More I Can Read?"
"Can You Call Me Tomorrow?"
"Is This One Of Those 'Pyramid-Things'?"
"How Much Are YOU Making?"
"Closing" Thoughts...
When You Seek Your Prospect's "Truth" You Start Down a Path That Eliminates Nearly 80% of The Objections Or Obstacles Your Prospect Can Raise...
You Empower Your Prospect to Learn a Better (More Effective) Way to Deal With Future Objections, They're GOING To Face...
This Has Been, & Always Will Be, One Of The Most Important Lessons, You Can Teach Your Team...
How to Learn More...
Because Of Limited Stage Time...
I'll be doing a LIVE Closing demonstration during lunch tomorrow, I'll text you when we are about to start...
- I'll demonstrate My "90% Close" That Works Nearly Every Time...

How To Identify The Real Issue Behind "I Need To Think About It" (& How to Overcome it...)

How to Overcome Your Biggest Fear of the Phone...

BONUS!!! Script! (Must Be Present To Claim)
To Know, And Not To Do, Is NOT To Know...
Take Action, Go Close.
If You Want a Path to "Resistance-Free" Recruiting/Selling...

...You Must Learn, Your Reasons To Make A Sale Are Usually Irrelevant to Your Prospect...

The Only Thing That Matters Is The "TRUTH" Behind Your Prospects Desires...
Here's The Truth...

The Most Effective Way I've Found To Overcome Your Prospects Concerns, Fears, & Skepticisms...
Prior to that: I built & Managed Several 8 Figure Telemarketing Firms...

& IN Several Instances, Built Multi-Million Dollar Teams In Under 6 Months...
Don't Uncover Prospects "Real Issues/Confusion/Concerns"
...Is to Seek The "TRUTH" Behind Their Concerns, Fears, & Skepticisms...
Text: "Greg Gomez" to 72727 For a Copy Of Today's Outline...
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