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No description

Olivia Schindel

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of PewDiePie

By: Olivia Schindel:) PewDiePie Pewdiepie also known as 'The Pewts' or 'Pewds' is a twenty three year old guy by the name of Felix Kjellberg who records himself playing horror games-which he is easily terrified by-and posts them on YouTube. Pewdiepie has been making videos for two years and now and has almost 7 million subscribers or 'bros' which he receives an incredible 2.1 million dollars a year from people from all around the world watching his videos. He is the 7th most subscribed channel on YouTube, gets on average 100,000 new bros and 6.1 million video views EVERY SINGLE DAY. He can speak three languages, has an italian girlfriend of two years who is commonly featured in his videos names Marzia and has her own channel where her name is 'CutiePie'. Pewdiepie is not only entertaining but also a great role model so maybe by the end of my presentation you will also be obsessed with him and everything he does. The Facts Pewdiepie as a baby and young child was always very happy and energetic. He was always the kid that was laughing, being bubbly and making jokes. His teachers always said he was an amazing artist and would one day become famous for his art. Also, when he was young his parents didn't think video games were healthy so they didn't own any video games systems. So, whenever he got sick which he was A LOT his mom would rent him one, over time he got pretty good. As pewdiepie got older and went into grade seven he was in a bigger school with more kids so he was constantly judged and bullied for his spirit. He became quiet and lost his creative side, he lost friends and stopped drawing. Early Life Years later, he graduated high school with honours but at that point had no plans of immediately going into collage. At this point, Pewdiepie was 20 years old, he moved into his own apartment and got a summer job working at a harbour where he quickly advanced position in management. Also over that summer, he was one day contacted by the girl of his dreams named 'Marzia' he described her as 'unconventionally beautiful, funny and outgoing' the problem was she lived in Italy. His English wasn't the best and Marzia barley knew any. They talked constantly and once pewdiepie had saved up enough money he took a plane there. They instantly knew they were meant for each other so they bought an apartment together in Italy. At that point Pewdiepie had no job, no schooling and no money. So he did what he did best, gaming. In his first video on April 29th 2010 he was so nervous he couldn't even talk but gradually he broke out of his bubble, gained more and more bros and became his true crazy, wild and random self again. Early Adult After an entire year of creating hundreds of videos pewdiepie was astounded to make it to 30,000 bros in October 2011. At first he would gain about ten a month until ten became one hundred, one thousand and currently one hundred thousand. He started out by playing simple, popular games that he already owned like minecraft and happy wheels. As he got more popular, other games were being requested to him and even mailed to him, some people even bought and mailed him game systems he didn't own to play their game! He started to play pixalated horrors like Witches House, Mad Father, Ib all of which were very entertaining to watch his reactions to. The thing people enjoyed the most was that he would play something 2D, something impossible, long, short, and especially no matter how scary.By November 2012 he reached his thousandth video. Channel Grows Most people wouldn't think of him to be a role model considering how much he swears in his videos and how playing video games isn't really something to look up to. But there is more than meets the eye. I don't know if everyone looks at Pewdiepie in this way, but I always thought it was admirable how he learned how other people's opinions don't matter and he just acts how he wants to. He's random, crazy and very weird but that is why I love him. Something else he does is whenever he wins online contests, for example when he won the 'King of Gaming' or 'King of the Web' contest he won large cash prizes but rather than keeping it for himself, he gave all 17,500$ to the WWF for endangered tigers. Role Model Finally a look
for yourself! Felix Kjellberg yes, this is who I look up to. Why he's unique Pewdiepie is unique for many obvious reasons. But one distinct reason is that he names absolutely every monster, creature, stuffed animal and object that he encounters in EVERY SINGLE GAME. Some of his most common 'friends' would be Stephano, a french, golden statue-type useless object from the game Amnesia or Mr.Chair which is really any chair he finds. Along with friends, Pewdiepie also creates and names many enemies for himself such as 'barrels' which he encounters in almost every game and blames for every time he dies. Something else unique is how whenever he is beginning to get very frustrated and/or mad at a video game, he starts to swear at it in swedish which he usually translate into a line of swear words. Also, whenever he is absolutely flat out terrified from a game he will quit from it and look at pictures of puppies and kittens to make himself feel better. By doing things such as these examples he sets himself apart from the other million YouTube gamers. Mr.Chair Stephano
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