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Digital Photography

No description

Summer Academy

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Digital Photography

Future Artists!
Summer Academy 2013
Digital Photography
Emma Bour
Eve tells the Biblical story of Adam and Eve picking the forbidden fruit. Golden light pours onto the sinful act of disobedience.

Ben Braun
“Feeling Blue”
Lindsey Odorizzi
I was thinking about what I should do for our Forced Perspective Picture and I couldn’t decide. Then I came up with this.
Nicholas Peccos
I was drinking coffee and blowing bubbles, and playing.
I thought it was funny so I took a picture.
Mysterious-ness is what I am expressing in my artwork.
Elana Pijanowski
“Elana Printshow”
I like the color pink and the flowers looked
pretty so I took a picture.
Emma Pistilli
“Black and White Roses”
This was my first time using Photoshop so I took a picture of roses that I liked and tried different settings until I was satisfied.
Julia Henderson
“Julia Flower”
This picture is the underside of a flower.

Devyn Stevens
“Devyn Art(z)”
This photo is a worm’s eye view of grass and people.
But with the help of Photoshop I made it more interesting.
Grace Summerson
“Flower in Garden”
To make the colors pop I tinted the picture. Then I added yellow and green hues to finish off the picture.
Stanley Liu
“Stanley Art”
When I edited this photo I wanted the signs to be the focus of the piece. I did so by making the background black and white and the sign is in color.
Kartik Nath
“Kartik Art”
I took this photo while under a car. I changed a lot of the colors and used other tools on Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create the wonderful final project.

Olive S.
I photo shopped the picture until it barely shared a resemblance. What I am expressing here is that making someone look “perfect” is easy.
Mackenzie Julien
“Giant’s Hand”
This was a forced perspective photo with a
Photoshop background.

Nick Piccolo
“Blue Flower”
I was walking and I liked the color. I sharpened the flowers and niceness is what I am expressing.

Genevieve Anderson
“Genevieve Artshow”
I took a picture of pink flowers, and then in
Photoshop I made them blue.
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