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Common elements of dystopian literature

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Elizabeth Williams

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Common elements of dystopian literature

Common Elements of Dystopian Literature

The authors who compose dystopian literature intend to expose the reader to expose different types of struggling lifestyles and societies. Dystopian societies are usually trying to pick at flaws in humanity and society today. In the Hunger Games it was picking at the flaws in giving one party complete power over the others, in other words, a modern day tyranny. In Divergent, the author was Experimenting with a society which divided their values and people, only to come together for certain events, it was similar to a confederacy.
Dystopian literature is...
A genre of fiction that deals with the issues in a utopian society leading to chaos in an unstable society.
Some literary devices that most authors use in dystopian literature are irony, foreshadowing, and the use of anti-hero as the protagonist.
In The Hunger Games book, an example of irony is the when the mockingjay pin was given to Katniss; at first it was a meaningless gift for remembrance, but then it became a huge and popular symbol of rebellion in the districts. In Divergent, another example of irony is the corruption of the Erudite, and how their people are stereotyped to be very smart and knowledgeable, but become oblivious to the plans of their leader and are decepted very easily.
What common ideas do authors in dystopian literature often use?
In dystopian literature, one common idea is the benefit of one party over others, like the Erudite in Divergent, the capitol in The Hunger Games, and the pigs in Animal Farm. Another Idea shared between dystopian literature is self responsibility; in Divergent and The Giver each person was assigned a purpose do devote their life to in order of reaching a perfect society. A final example is the idea of rebellion. In The Hunger Games, Katniss rebels against the Capitol because she believes that the government is incorrectly and that the Hunger Games are morally improper.
How did components of dystopian literature evolve over time?
An example of foreshadowing in Divergent was when Tris felt out of place in Abnegation which foreshadowed to her being Divergent and her transfer to Dauntless.
In dystopian literature, some components such as the author's tone, point of view and mood change as the story passes. Often dystopian literature starts out with a peaceful utopia and then the author begins to plug their own thoughts and point of view on the society and its flaws by dragging them out and creating an unstable society. Often elements such as rebellion and survival come into the story later on.
In The Hunger Games, and Divergent, our main characters are just trying to survive, and eventually rebel against an oppressing force or party, such as the Erudite and the capitol.
In both The Hunger Games and Divergent, the protagonists are anti-heroes since they are considered to be weak mentally and physically; however, as the books progress, the characters dynamically change into a being that can provide for themselves.
What literary devices do authors in dystopian literature often use?
How do authors often utilize character development as a key component of a dystopian text?

Identify at least two other common elements of dystopian literature.
Betrayal is a common element in dystopian literature, in The Hunger Games, Animal Farm, and the Divergent, people betray each other for the sake of their own welfare. In the Divergent, Erudite wants more say in government so they attempt to take over all the other factions. Another common element that is seen in dystopian literature is corruption/greed. In Divergent, the factions Dauntless and Erudite were corrupted and looking for power because they strayed too far from the ideals they were created on.
Authors often use character development as a key component in the setting by creating a rebellion within the protagonist and whomever the conflict entails. Because of the rebellion, the protagonist develops and maintains a better understanding of themselves and the atmosphere around them. Character development is used to show development in the plot and values of people in the book.
How do authors who write dystopian literature intend to impact society?
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