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Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

No description

Romy Mitchell

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Welcome to the Apocalypse... SAFE ZONE... You have managed to survive this far... but where
will your journey take you next?

I will be your guide and try and help you get out of sticky situations.
You currently possess the five items I left for you, sorry they are not
all the same. It was all I could find. You may only use one of them throughout each step of your story.

So, let's get out of here huh?! You come across an abandoned supermarket. Along with your five items, you have enough room for one more. The store plays music however and you have to be quick, so what do you choose? What goes through your mind as you walk through the aisles with the flickering lights?

You only have five minutes, I would hurry if I were you. If you have a torch you might be able to get around quicker. Whatever you do, don't go towards the freezer section...it's not very pleasant. A bloody mess actually. The Supermarket... The Cabin in the Woods... You wake up to hear groans outside. A herd of zombies have found you. Now is the time to be quick and savvy. Use one of your items or combine two if any of you were lucky enough to be able to do so. Remember you will only have a couple of items left now!

They're surrounding you, hurry! You can't run! Their teeth are gnashing
and they can smell your fear. Make a decision quickly!

There's no time left...

Write your way out of this one! Trafalgar Square. You've made it! But where is everyone?
Barriers block your way of getting in and you suddenly hear a voice.
Who are they? What are they saying?

When you have replied, do they let you in, or are you turned away...or

This is it survivor, I've done all I can. You're on your own now. The Woods... You survived the supermarket, now it's time to hit the road and make your way to London and that nearing safe zone I told you about.

It's starting to rain. Abandoned cars full of belongings and the unfortunate many who didn't make it block your way. You have two options here, you can go left around the cars; walking along the opening of the woods, OR you can go over the cars, staying to the safety of the open motorway. Which do you choose?

Depending on your choice, you must overcome an obstacle. What is the obstacle? Is it dangerous? You must use one of your items to conquer the situation, be wise as to which one to use. Remember you can only use them once each!

You have ten minutes to write your plan of action. Good luck survivors! WARNING! WARNING! The Motorway... It's getting dark now and the birds have stopped singing. You're on the outskirts of London, but it's too dangerous to travel at night. You need somewhere to stay.

In the woods, there is a signpost for a traveller's cabin. Follow it, make note of the direction you're going. STOP!

A zombie lurks on the ground, eating a stray deer that has come into its path. What do you do? Use an item, quick! They're coming towards you...

Hurry survivor! You only have a few minutes before it gets dark! For Queen and Country... That was a close one my friend. You're nearly at the safe zone! In fact, do you recognise this place? It looks familiar...Of course! It's Buckingham Palace! The gates have been left open but is it safe? As you wander past you see a stray zombie dressed as one of Queen's guards. He hasn't noticed you, what do you do? Remember you'll only have one or two items left now. Do you go on? Or do you attack? You only have a couple of minutes to spare, so choose wisely.

Upon your brave decision, you leave and make your way towards Trafalgar Square, walking along Pall Mall. How do you feel? What is the atmosphere like? Can you hear anything, anyone? What if no-one is there? What if this journey has led you into even more trouble? Quicken your pace survivors, you're only a few minutes away. You survived your first zombie! Congratulations. Nasty aren't they? On the edge of the forest you come across the signposted cabin in the woods where you can sleep for the night. It's starting to thunder now, the rain heavier than on the motorway. Check the cabin out, what do you find? Can you hear anything? Smell anything? Use your senses and make sure you're safe for the night.

What are your thoughts before you sleep? Are you thinking of home? Your journey so far?

Good night survivors, sleep well...don't check for monsters in the cupboard.
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