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Tessellations presentation

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Keishlah olivera

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Tessellations presentation

Tessellations Tesselations which shapes
work? With tessellation not every shape will work to actually create a real tessellation(pattern with shapes that have no gaps and do not overlap) The polygons that work are the ones I will show in the proceeding slide . They are Squares, triangles, and hexagons. But when ever these shapes meet together at the vertex its comes up to an angle. For the Triangle it does so in a 60 degree angle, squares at a 90 degree angle , and a hexagon at a 120 angle . How to make a Tessellation http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/math/games/first-second-grade/tessellation/ Symmetry helps :p With Symmetry, in much of the patterns of the tessellation figure coincides with itself. That's a key part of tessellations and also where some people might have a misconception with making there own tessellation. Personally while doing the tessellations I had trouble trying to make my own because I didn't understand that basic rule figures coinciding within itself and also how the degrees of the shapes work. Also i had to make sure they didn't overlap which was something i did end up doing. Square Triangle Hexagon Examples What do you know??? Why did I choose this topic Over all the idea of tessellations have always interest me in one was or another. I thought it would be pretty neat to actually do something that had to do with math but also be connected with Art. I always have enjoyed art and being artistic but I'm also a big fan of math!!!! :) So i thought this would be a pretty neat project to do. Simple Tessellations We see that these simple and common shapes that appear in tessellation. These are very easy to work with you may find them in mosaic arts. This, what appears to be a intricate puzzle actually simple shapes just pieced together. They can be fun and complicated as well Sources mathisfun.com
http://www.teachertube.com How does it connect to today? Tessellation are actually all around us whether we recognize
they are or not. The most common, is in art work. Many of us probably recognize learning about mosaic art in elementary school. They used the common shapes as shown above (squares, triangles, hexagons).

Tessellation are truly all around us if you look up or down or around us. From tiles, to architecture, wallpaper, tables, windows...ect. Lets see how. Now what makes it work? Vocabulary Tessellation: A 2 dimensional geometric shape
that repeats in a pattern that does not overlap or leave gaps.

Symmetry: Exact correspondence of form and constituent configuration on
opposite sides of a dividing line or plane or about a center or an axis.

Reflection: a shaped reflected on a plane as a mirror image

Rotation: a shape that turns on it side from left to right or upside down

Translation: a shape that slides left, right, up, or down

Vertex: where 2 points meet My own Tessellation I'LL SHOW YOU MY OWN ATTEMPTS OF MAKING TESSELLATIONS . Misconceptions and Errors As I thought that I could just make any type of triangle to tessellate, some people think that certain shapes can just as well be pieced together. as in that mosaic piece of art work shown Before. And some of my own shapes that i made. It cannot just look like the shape but actually be a perfect square, right triangle and the right hexagon with the correct measurements. http://www.tessellations.org/tessellations-all-around-us.shtml Lets see real world tessellations Volunteers needed! :) Materials : 2 student

Activity: testing out your knowledge on symmetry. You will pick out of a container a piece of paper and the 2 students would have to demonstrate it. The rest of the committee will have to determine if it reflection, rotation. or transition. Any Questions, comments, or concerns? I have some for you guys :)
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