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AADSAS Application

No description

Eric Doelitzsch

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of AADSAS Application

Thank you
& Good Luck!

What is the AADSAS Application?
The AADSAS application is a service provided by ADEA in order to efficiently send your dental school applications to every dental school in the U.S. and Canada.
How do we get started?
You need a DENTPIN® in order to begin your application
A DENTPIN® is a unique identification number assigned to all applicants and is also required to take the DAT
To register for a DENTPIN® or to look up your current DENTPIN®, go to: http://www.ada.org/dentpin.aspx.
AADSAS Application Breakdown
Education / Coursework
Dental School Applications
PHAP Workshop 2015
This application process can be very exhausting therefore preparation is key!
Update and review your resume/CV for information that would be important in this type of application
Dentistry/shadowing experience, academic enrichment programs, research, publications, volunteer experience.
Include a brief description of your responsibilities as well as what you learned from it.
Have your transcripts (official or unofficial) on hand so you will be able to input your courses on AADSAS EXACTLY as it appears on your transcripts
Click on "DENTPIN Registration" and fill out the required fields.
You will soon receive an email from dentpin@ada.org with your PIN and password
AADSAS Application
AADSAS Application Breakdown
AADSAS Application Breakdown
Education / Colleges Attended
You must add the colleges you have attended in this section in order to select the college you want to input your grades for in the next subsection titled "Coursework"
Describe any activities requiring manual dexterity
List previous dental school application attempts
Have you ever been
, or otherwise subject to a disciplinary action in connection with your academic performance?
Convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?
You can explain your situation (600 characters) in the following box below this question.
Transcripts FAQs
1. How do I attach a Matching Form if I cannot visit my university?
A: Each university should have an online site where you can electronically order official transcripts and upload the Matching Form as an attached document.
2. Should I wait for my Spring Quarter grades to come out on my transcript before I "eSUBMIT" my application?
A: A PHAP transcript with more than 3 quarters of grades does not need to wait for Spring grades to come out. Less than 3 quarters, then you should wait.
3. How long will it take for AADSAS to receive my transcripts?

Check the status of your transcripts under "My Application Status" on the main menu. It can take about 2 weeks for AADSAS to receive transcripts. Expedited shipping can cut that time in half at extra cost. Once received, GPA verification of transcripts can take up to a week.

So send your transcripts ASAP!!!
To begin adding coursework, select "Add New Section". You will be able to select:
Institution (Listed from "Colleges Attended")
Academic Status (Undergrad/Post BA/BS Undergrad)
Term (quarter/semester; Fall/Winter/Spring)
Grading & Sci/Non-Sci
AADSAS Calculates GPAs in two different ways: Using +/- system or without to accommodate schools that prefer one system over the other.
ADEA AADSAS has a PDF of courses that are considered BCP/Other Sciences
AADSAS Application Breakdown
Professional Experience
Transcript Matching Forms
Transcripts are a
step in your application
Academic Enrichment Programs:
Where you list PHAP! (It should be #1 on the list!). Also list sim courses (UoP Sim Course), conferences (UCSF Impressions Conference), and any other continuing education courses.
Awards, Honors, & Scholarships (limit 5):
PHAP Merit Award, college athletic championships, research grants, work-related awards, community acknowledgements for service, graduation honors (suma cum laude), and dean's list (only if you have nothing else).
Dentistry/Shadowing Experience (limit 10):
List your experiences as a dental assistant and chairside experience on mission trips. Include the number of hours, type of dentistry you assisted/shadowed, and name of dentist you worked with. Dental schools prefer you work with a general dentist!
Professional Experience
AADSAS Application Breakdown
Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service (limit 10):
SUAT (pre-dental society), Harbor House Ministries, Global Medical/Dental Brigades, College Organizations (Greek/cultural/professional), intramural sports.
Research Experience (limit 5)
Work Experience (including Military Service) (limit 5):
Tutor/peer advisor, manager, server, etc.
* Calculate your hours because it is important in determining which experiences you want to select for the "cover sheet". Select what you believe are important experiences or experiences you have put many hours into.*
Pre-Dental Peer Advisors
Jonathan Lin-Wu
Trung Nguyen
Zandra Truong
Professional Experience Tips & Tricks
You are able to check mark up to three experiences from each of the 6 categories to add to your cover sheet!
Personal Statement
Personal Statement
10 things to consider while you write and review your personal statement
AADSAS Application Breakdown
DAT Scores
DAT scores should be automatically sent to AADSAS.
All you need to do is input the date you took the test into the required field in this section.
DAT scores should be less than 3 years old
Some schools (UCSF) only accept DAT scores less than 2 years old.
National Average DAT score (matriculated applicants) = ~19
Canadian DAT scores?
Separate fields to input individual section scores
The cover sheet summarizes your professional experiences and is sometimes the only thing an interviewer will see.
Be sure to select what you believe are your most important achievements or experiences you have devoted many hours to.
You have a limit of
175 characters
for each box
You might want to substitute "and" for "&" to save space and add more information
Try to tie in each description with dentistry/patient care
When briefly describing each experience
The AADSAS Application will only allow you to add a maximum of 4 LORs OR 1 Committee Letter (CLOR) and 1 additional LOR.
2. I applied in the last cycle. Can I reuse my old letters of recommendation?
A: Yes you can reuse old letters and they should already be uploaded on to AADSAS. However, like your personal statement, dental schools prefer you update your letters of recommendation.
Dental School Designations
When you have completed all the sections of your application you will be able to select the Dental Schools you wish for AADSAS to submit to.
Payment / Fee Assistance Program (FAP)
send your payment by check or money order unless you have no other option!
Until you are accepted, you are NEVER finished!!!
There is no prompt for this section so write your personal statement to answer the following questions (limit 4500 characters):
Why do you want to become a dentist?
The most fundamental and important question because this is your reason for entering this profession
What skills and qualifications do you possess that will make you a competitive dental school student and future dentist?
Extenuating Circumstance? - You can also write about personal hardships that you endured which helped you grow as an individuals
1. Is the opening paragraph personal?
2. Did you begin with an action or image?
3. The personal statement should "show" rather than "tell"!
4. Did you use words that are not usually part of your vocabulary? (If so, get rid of them!)
5. Use the active voice whenever possible!
6. Have you overused adjectives, adverbs, or phrases?
7. Eliminate cliches
8. Delete redundancies
9. Does the essay sound interesting to others?
10. Will the ending give the reader a sense of completeness? Does the last sentence sound like the last sentence?
Personal Statement Extra Tips
A great personal statement takes time and multiple drafts (I had 7 drafts)
Have your personal statement proofread by qualified individuals:
LOR writers (professors/dentists)
PHAP Seminar
Faculty/Peer advisors
AACE (CSUEB Admin Building)
Dental School Faculty/Students
rate-limiting step
in the AADSAS Application!
If you are applying this cycle and have not asked for LORs, then you are already behind.
A great letter written by a busy professor takes time (at least 2 weeks).
Be sure to personally meet with your professor before they begin writing your letter so that you can provide them with a
resume and personal statement
and so that they can ask any question they might have about you.
Most dental schools require LORs from
2 professors
(preferably science) of which you have taken classes with AND
1 dentist
of which you have assisted.
Loma Linda University also requires a LOR from any spiritual leader.
ASDOH also requires a LOR from a community service leader.
Therefore it is important to choose professors you know will (without a doubt) write you an excellent LOR.
PHAP offers
Committee Letters
Interviews for the letter open in February and run through July.
Book an interview date ASAP to have enough time to fill in the post-interview questionnaire and give the committee letter writer enough time to write and submit it to Andy before the application cycle opens.
Although some schools might say they prefer individual letters over CLORs, the consensus is that it is still recommended to obtain a CLOR (if possible) to show dental schools that you took advantage of every resource your program offered.
Your completed entry for LORs on your application should look like this.
1. How do I get a great letter of recommendation?
A: OFFICE HOURS! Attend as many as you can to show your professor your interest in the subject matter and your dedication to success. Even if you don't have questions, it can be a great time to get to know one another.
Where you calculate the cost of your application.
The first school you select is $244 and each additional school is $90.
This section also provides you a link to the location of each school's supplemental application.
Most schools only let you fill a supplemental after you receive an email invitation to do so.
Others ask you to do their supplemental right after you complete the AADSAS application (USC).
Payment by check/money order will slow down the processing of your application by days.
Credit card payment is automatic and processing will begin right away.
Fee Assistance Program (FAP)
The AADSAS Fee Assistance Program (FAP) was created to reduce the cost of applying to dental school for students who demonstrate extreme financial need.
Eligibility determined by reviewing finances of the applicant and their parent/guardian.
Submit your request the first day the AADSAS application opens!
You have 10 days from when you complete the section provided to submit your FAP Packet.
"eSubmit" your AADSAS application while a FAP decision is pending. If you submit prior to the decision made then you forfeit your chance for fee assistance.
FAP only waives the initial $244 for the 1st dental school designation. You only pay $90/school.
Once you have "eSubmitted" your application, you must prepare yourself for the supplemental applications (It will be difficult if you make it difficult).
Be sure to have several 2x2 passport photos on hand for schools that may require them (USC, UNLV, NYU, etc).
Supplemental Applications will ask you more in-depth essay style questions.
Why do you want to go to our school?
Describe special skills, interests, hobbies, or athletic participation that you would like the Committee to consider? (UCLA)
Describe your clinical experience and community involvement. What did you learn from them? (ASDOH/MOSDOH)
Additional Comments?
Supplemental Applications
You will begin receiving invitations to fill out supplementals about 2-4 weeks after you eSubmit your AADSAS application
Do not put these off because they will pile up!
Dental schools will keep your application on hold until supplementals are received.
Supplementals range from sending a supplemental processing fee to completing a 12 page application (UCLA). So keep organized!
Best way to keep organized is to prepare an
excel spreadsheet
to track your schools, supplementals, and finances!
Save your supplemental responses on a Word doc.
Supplemental Examples
UNLV & Creighton
Some supplementals will ask for more info on your LOR writers or Experiences
Know where your dental LOR writer graduated from and when (ASDOH/MOSDOH)
Know your contact info for your community service/extracurricular activities
PHAP organizations: Use Linda Steele's contact info
SUAT contact: Gabrielle Jones; Bay Area Oral Health Zone Manager; gjones@ncohf.org
After Your Supplementals
Keep in touch with the schools you have applied to!
Email or call each school's point of contact to let them know if you are submitting DAT scores later, taking pre-reqs over summer/fall, or to find out the status of your application.
If you need help with your application or supplementals feel free to contact your peer advisors.
A copy of "ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools" is available in the PHAP Office.
Quick reference Dental School Statistics and notes are in the
PHAP advising binder
under the "pre-dental section".
OPENS JUNE 2ND 2015!!!
*Order a transcript from CSUEB once you have a Matching Form and have them attached to your transcript. CSUEB is notorious for losing transcripts and CSUEB does NOT have expedited shipping so buy a prepaid express delivery envelope and give it to the Registrars Office and be sure to have them mail it out.*
4. What if I transferred from community college during undergrad?
A: All transcripts including those taken at a community college must be sent to AADSAS. Transcripts from international institutions (not U.S. or Canada) must also be sent to AADSAS (except Study Abroad Programs where credits are posted to a U.S. or Canadian transcript.)
5. Do I need to send another transcript if I do an Academic Update?
A: YES! You should send your latest transcript if you decide to do the academic update when it opens mid-November.
4. What about the PHAP Committee Letter?
A: If you obtained a Committee Letter from PHAP, then create a new LOR entry, check Committee Letter, input "Dr. Oscar Wambuguh" under "Name", select "Electronic" under "Evaluation Type" and use
as the email address since he will be submitting the committee letter to AADSAS on Oscar's behalf.
3. Do I need to attach a LOE Matching Form to my LOR?

It depends on your LOR service. If it delivers LORs electronically, then you
need a LOE Matching Form -
select "Electronic" under "Evaluation Type
". If your service mails LORs to AADSAS then you need to print one and have it attached -
select "Paper" under "Evaluation Type"
Interfolio mails their letters to AADSAS so you need to upload a LOE Matching Form. There is an option in your account that will allow you to do so.
Some universities (like PHAP) use their own service or another third party service and their methods of delivery vary so call your university's LOR service.
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