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Samphire website concept subsea layout

No description

Murray Burnett

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Samphire website concept subsea layout

Samphire Subsea is a specialised subsea company providing services across project execution, operations and integrity management.
Samphire is a customer-focused service company delivering subsea solutions to the oil and gas industry.
And stuff. Project Support
The project execution service is aligned to provide specialist subsea support through project delivery.
Etc. Controls Engineering
Samphire offers support across the full spectrum of controls, from front end development work, through system specification, project support and operations.
Etc Operations
The operations service is focused on solutions delivery for operational challenges. The service covers everything from initial operational strategies through ops advice, troubleshooting and offshore campaign delivery.
Etc. Combining the disciplines, senior technical support. Career opportunities for the right people. Have some fun along the way. Integrity Management
This is a bugger, but maybe we can at least stop your pig getting stuck.
Dodgy characters but Samphire can weed 'em out and provide you with something decent.
Etc. In the shit? We can pull you out.
Our reputation is critical to us, so the way we work, our product quality and service delivery will be passionately managed, at least until 5pm on a Friday when we'll be mostly in the pub. Specialists
Samphire has access to a wide range of specialist consultants blah blah. Samphire endeavours to provide an integrated service, combining all the subsea disciplines into an integrated and seamless subsea support service to the client.

Our people come from a wide and varied background, suppliers, service companies, faermers, major contractors and oil companies.

Etc. The story so far...
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