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Theme in Bad Boy

Theme in Bad Boy

Lisa Robison

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Theme in Bad Boy

Ms. Robison Finding a Theme in
Bad Boy: A Memoir What is a theme? Theme is: Themes are Universal A theme does NOT only apply to the characters in the story Themes are NOT subjects! The subject of a work can usually be expressed in a word of two.
It is a thing, like "family" or "courage" How Do I Find a Theme
in a Story? Main Character Main Character What happens to the main character over the course of a story?
Does he or she change in some important way? Watch for Statements of Theme This is often said near the end of the novel. Authors often put hints in the title about their message to the reader. THEME It applies to EVERYONE! A central idea in the story The moral of the story The life-lesson of the story For Example: Theme: People should live up to their responsibilities because they are needed by the people around them Theme is the IDEA that author wants to express about the subject. For Example: "Family bonds are longer lasting than friendships" Themes are opinions about subjects! If the main character changes in a good way, the theme could be that readers should do what he or she did. If a main character changes in a bad way, the theme could be to avoid his or her choices. Look at the Title What was the author referring to in his/her title? Look at the
Main Conflicts What forces are pitted against one another in the story? Who or what wins and why? Who or what do the characters who win represent? Look at the setting Where and when does the story take place? Is this time period significant in any way? Does the time period influence the plot or the characters? Statements of Theme Title Main Conflicts Setting Sometimes an author will have a character simply state the theme of the book.
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