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Copy of Single Payer v.

No description

Audrey Clark

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Single Payer v.

Thank You!
Single Payer System
- Under a single payer system, everyone would be able to receive needed medical services under one universal plan
As of 2002, the United States spent $150 billion in medical administrative costs
- A single-payer system is based on need, not the ability to pay
Single Payer System
- Developing a single payer system will also allow the nation to have a single database, with a single set of laws, regulations, and prices, as well as creating a standard for patients privacy

- people will be able to keep seeing the same doctors they have already established relationships with
- Care will no longer be based on finances and insurance, but can become patient centered
Multi-Payer System
- The quality of care under a multi-payer system is superior due to competition among private health insurers
- The collaboration of the insurance companies and health service organizations in the multi-payer system yields extensive record keeping that reveals an “accurate performance measurement” of each health care facility
- Financing of health care under the multi-payer system in the United States lends responsibility not to just the insurance company or the health care organization, but to the individual patient as well
Multi-Payer System
Cost Containment
- A multi-payer system has to continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition
- To avoid high expenditures: advertising to young families, denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, and requiring medical examinations, are ways that are utilized by health insurers to ensure a healthier and less costly enrollment in a multi-payer system
- Not only is a multi-payer system efficient, but it gives the American people what they want: freedom to choose
Discussion Questions
What type of payer system do we have in the United States?
Name one benefit of a multi-payer system.
Name one disadvantage of a multi-payer system.
Name one benefit of a single payer system.
Name one disadvantage of a single payer system.
Adori St. Lawrence
Megan Galvin
Sarah Kenney
Mya Willard
Single Payer

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