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ESS Green Labs

No description

ula chrobak

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of ESS Green Labs

What is Green Labs?
Your Progress Will Lead
to Certification
The Green Lab Certification Process:
Sequence To Gold Certification



436 Mrak Hall, One Shields Avenue Davis, CA


Why Green your Lab?
Researchers Make a Difference!
UC Davis Laboratory Energy Statistics
Done at your own pace
Compete with other labs on campus
Won't compromise your research!
Do what YOU can

Contact Us
We want UCD lab staff to reduce their impact on the environment.

An effort by the UCD ESS office to reduce labs' impact on the environment

Bring the commitment you have at home to conserve resources into your laboratory

Participation by labs in the program is an important step in meeting UC Davis' sustainability goals

Laboratory Certification

Scientists know best the limitations of natural resources.

This concept is spreading across the nation. Join this comprehensive Green Labs initiative!

UC Grand Goals: Zero Waste--2020;
Zero Net Energy--2025
Zero Net Carbon--2050

Eliminate waste.

Arrhenius (ca. 1900): 2x [CO2] = 5-6° increase
Laboratories are energy and resource intensive.

Each laboratory has its own unique work environment and needs.

Identify conservation practices for a customized checklist!
UC Davis Labs:
 1/3 of campus floor space
 But consume 2/3 – 3/4 of campus resources!
Cold Storage:
 80% of “plug load”
1,000+ ultra-low freezers at UC Davis = 1,000 homes
Get Certified!
Go for Gold: In-depth, customized, comprehensive.
Staff walk-through

"Swag Bag": Emergency bike light, Two lunch vouchers, UC Davis sustainabiilty map, plug timer, and more!

Assessment Tool
Go for the Gold!
The Standard Categories:
Waste Reduction
Green Chemistry

Comprehensive List:
Field Work

Receive a score sheet to keep track of your progress.
Assign a team of Module Leaders
Your group's Sustainability Liason will keep track of your progress.
Module Scoring
Empower Research
When this process works, groups find their research benefits from the program in unpredictable ways. They gain:
that was unexpected. We hope you will, too!
Sustainable Lab Practice: Closing the Fume hood
Up to 2-3 kW energy each
Over $125,000 saved annually, 2 buildings
A fume hood may waste the same energy as 3.5 homes per year if always left open
Increase Sustainable Lab Practice: 50%
Be Certified: Go for the Gold
Increase Lab Sustainable Practice: 90+%
Watch as your Sustainable Meter increases as your practice more sustainable practices.
The more you do, the meter turns green!
Return your score sheet to us.
Receive prestigious certification for your lab!
Achieve at your own pace!
On-line Google spreadsheet
9 Modules
Team leadership

Plug Load In Molecular Biology
What Do You Get?
+ Green
Facebook wordmark:
and you get...
Website "Green Champion" Status
Franz Lab: Best Practices, Before and After
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