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8H - Mongolian Future Wheel

No description

Patrick Trowse

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of 8H - Mongolian Future Wheel

Carlos Hurst
Mining is bad for the soil since it takes the nutrition out and leaves nothing behind except cave old and bad soil that has got nothing in it.

Farming livestock can provide meat, wool and milk.

-Kevin Anderson
Land Use
Goat farming provides meat, wool, and milk
-Justin Lee
James Hickey
Land Use
Housing- Laying gers for semi-permanent homes to live in.

Fahim Rahman
What impacts might these uses have on the steppes?
Grazing land used for goats cant be used again, as the grass wont grow back
-Justin lee
Ninja Mining provides minerals like gold to sell to Canada - James Hickey
Ninja Mining
Ninja Mining can cause the land to
be disrupted and plants to not be able to grow back
- James Hickey
Farming and growing livestock destroys and kills off erodes the grass of the dry land making them move around the country.
Fahim Rahman
Land Use
Scott Harris
Land can be used to host both traditional and religious festivals
Land Use
Human waste can damage the environment from these festivals and in time wreck the steppes in Mongolia
Scott Harris
Farming of Crops
Land Use
Farming enriches the soil and provides a sustainable source of food.

Declan White

By Declan White
Housing colonises and area, meaning that any flora or fauna in the area will be driven out for good.

Declan White

Land Use
Mongolians use the steppes for the Nomadic lifestyle
- Matt Stark
Also, if goat herders keep on grazing without replanting grass, there won't be any grass to graze. Therefore, the goat and sheep in Mongolia would die out - Matt Stark

Farming and raising animals to produce supplies (Goat-meat) can damage the grounds as the animals need food to survive, goats especially can destroy quite a lot of grass lands as they pull out the roots of the grass and the grass can't grow back unless planted manually.
Jacob Cheng
Ninja mining is extremely bad for the environment as it not other destroys the land, it destroys all environment which can never grow back unless soil is covered back and plants and trees are planted manually
Jacob Cheng
Although the steppes are large and open, they are not empty; much of this area is grazed by livestock owned by nomadic herders. With a population of 30 million sheep, goats, cows and camels overgrazing threatens the natural environment in many areas.
Aaron Tseng
Only 1% of the land in Mongolia is cultivated with crops, amounting to 1,322,000 hectares (3,266,000 acres)
Aaron Tseng
Resources to build the homes leaving the land with less resources - Miles Gorman
The home doors have to face north due to the cold winds(climate) - Miles Gorman
Agriculture and herding leaves the ground compacted, dry and with less nutrients - land degradation

Mining makes the ground less rich and the ground is left altered from the landscape's natural form

Shayne Tobias
the climates in Mongolia are harsh with sunny days and cold winters with the lack of rain the lands can't replenish to their natural state.
- Conor Tselepis
Will Ramsay
The Mountain ranges around Mongolia are well respected since they provide the people a lot of different values. Some of these values come under Economical values, Traditional values and Agricultural values.
The herding of animals especially goats destroys the land. goats eat grass including the roots. Over time this inconvenience kills off a patch of grass which therefore can not be used. This could be an unfortunate outcome. If the herd can not get enough food it could result in death.
However goats can
provide substantial
amounts of meat
and milk
Carlos Hurst
Religious festivals and festivals in general are not all that goo for the, for example if they were to have a fire they burn the grass around it.
Will Ramsay
Religious values impact heavily on the landscape of Mongolia. The people of Mongolia celebrate festivals which may involve having to ruin or kill some crops or plants. They place Ovoos on top of mountains, which point up to the skies to their gods.
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