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CFOR 101 (Fa '15) T02 - Relational Spirituality 1 - Loving God completely

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Hartmut Scherer

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of CFOR 101 (Fa '15) T02 - Relational Spirituality 1 - Loving God completely

Relational Spirituality 1
the doctrine of the Trinity
Unparalleled Facts about Our God
Loving God completely
Sources and Image Credit
Mulholland jr.,
Invitation to a Journey
, 42f.
Adopted key thoughts from chapter two of our textbook
Conformed to His Image
and C. Baxter Kruger,
Jesus and the Undoing of Adam.
the humility of God
Holiness of God
Doctrine of the Trinity
Our God is interested in relationship with us
There has never been a moment in all eternity when God wanted to be without us.
wholeness and purity and integrity and beauty of the fellowship of the Trinity
Righteous-ness of God
the sheer rightness of their relationship
Fullness of God
the blessedness of God, the irrepressible joy and unspeakable goodness of the Father, Son and Spirit
When Christianity says God, it says . . .
. . . relationship
. . . self-giving love
. . . boundless fellowship
. . . other-centeredness
. . . joyous and untold unity
it doesn't say . . .
. . . detatched
. . . indifferent
. . . lonely
. . . sad
. . . self-centered
- Select 1 of the 3 words and do some free
writing (~ 3 minutes)
- In groups of 3-4 share what you have written (~10
minutes); each group should come up with 1-2
questions to ask in class
Free Writing
(class exercise)
- Please write down 3 words that you
consider important of today's lesson
- from nature?
Knowing God's Love
The better we know God,
the better we know ourselves.
- from human conscience?
- from Scripture?
Yes. God’s limitless love (Romans 5:6-11); Phil. 3:10f (experiential love; union with Christ)
Romans 8:35-39 -
God's Love - how long?
- can cause God to love us less.
secure, unconditional, never ending
- can cause God to love us more;
Since we belong to Christ, nothing we do
Mark 12:30 -
God's Love - our response?
involves our whole personality
John 1:38f -
time and obedience
When we respond to his love, we become the people he has called us to be.
Are you more loving, more compassionate, more patient, more understanding, more caring, more giving, more forgiving than you were a year ago?
Testing Our Spiritual Growth
Our relationships with others are . . .
. . . not only the testing grounds of our spiritual life;
. . . also the places where our growth toward
wholeness in Christ happens;
The process of being conformed to the image of Christ takes place in the midst of our relationships with others, not apart from them.
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