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No description

Olivia Diaz

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Antojos

Julia Alvarez
Middle aged woman who immigrated to America but is coming home to reunite with family.
Yolanda Family and the machete weilding men
The setting of Antojos is the Dominican Republic. It takes place at the Narrator's Tia Carmen's house. Yolanda is hasn't been back to home in five years. The time frame for this story is around late 2000's.
The conflict of Antojos is that Yolanda is linguistically and mentally detached from her family. This leads to Yolanda to put a wall between her and her family. Yolanda has forgotten most of her spanish in America and has trouble communicating with her primarily spanish speaking family.
Yolanda goes home to the Dominican Republic to visit her aunts and cousins for the first time in 5 years
She feels a language barrier between her and her family
Her family ostracizes her for her Americanized ways of living
Yolanda doesn't know the meaning of the word "Antojos"
She decides to go pick guavas but her family wouldn't let her take a car
Yolanda borrows a car from a friend and drives through the mountain to pick guavas
She asks some boys to help her pick guavas and gives one of them a dollar to get help when she gets a flat tire
The boys ask the guards for help and get beaten for telling lies because the guards believe a Dominican woman would never be out picking guavas
The machete men come to fix her tire, but she is scared of them
Cultural differences
Letting fear influence judgement
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