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Harrison Bergeron

No description

Sri Sridhar

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron

By: Sri Sridhar, Selina John, Sara Lamendola, Nithin Kakolavaram, Meghan Harrison Bergeron Author Info. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. -Born in Indinapolis Indiana on November 11, 1922
-Attended Cornell University 1942 -enlisted in the United States army
-went to Europe and fought in world war 2
-captured and became prisoner
-was in Preston Germany during firebomb and escaped -married his high school girlfriend (Marie Cox)
-had 6 children
-battled depression in 1984 and attempted suicide
-died in Manhattan, New York at age 84 on April 11, 2007 Freytag's Pyramid Plot Diagram By: Sri Sridhar Main Characters: George Bergeron
Hazel Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron Exposition By: Selina John Major Conflicts •Everyone is equal in every aspect
•The use of handicaps to prevent a diverse country
•The government controlling the way of life
•U.S. becomes Totalitarianism
•Man vs. Society (external) The Inciting Incident that drove the story forward was when Harrison Bergeron was announced in the news bulletin as a rebel against the government on television and had just escaped from jail. This leads to the rising action of the story when Harrison himself comes to the center of the studio and takes action to overthrow the government. How It Drives the story... By: Sara Lamandola Diana Moon Glampers Setting: The Bergeron House Time: April 2081 -The government enforces laws that make all people equal. -George and Hazel Bergeron watch T.V. Inciting Incident -George foreshadows future events by talking about the effects of disobeying the laws in society -While George and Hazel are watching T.V., a news report flashes in the screen. -It was about their son, Harrison,escaping from the jail -The H-G men took Harrison for certain circumstances -Harrison appears on news broadcast. He takes off his handicappers, (devices used to make all equal) which included his weight, red rubber nose and ear piece. Rising Action - Harrison declares himself emperor and chooses his empress. Climax -Harrison commands the orchestra to play beautiful, joyful music. -As he and his empress jump and dance, they kiss. -They not only defy the laws of the land, but also the laws of gravity and motion Falling Action -Diana Moon Glampers, the handicapper general, arrives to the scene with a loaded shotgun. -She kills both Harrison and his empress -She also threatens the orchestra -Hazel starts to cry after seeing what happened to her son
on T.V. Resolution -George comes backs from the kitchen and sees his wife crying -But as usual Hazel forgets as to why she was crying when George asked her -Therefore, Hazel and George don't remember about their
son anymore -The Government will still be the same since they didn't really care about what happened to Harrison. dénouement -Also there is no one to protest since everyone is equal and some might even forget like Hazel about Harrison By: Nithin Kakulavaram Protagonist/ Antagonist Harrison Bergeron/Protagonist Diana Moon Glampers/Antagonist By: Meghan Symbols •Chains
•Handicapper General- Diana Moon Glampers
•Handicap bag/radio/mask etc.
•Mismatched metal on Harrison
•Dance/music at the end
•Kiss between Harrison and the dancer
•Harrison and the dancer being shot
•Hazel Time for you to think! Thematic Question How would our lives be if everyone was equal? •Harrison Bergeron, is inevitably the eye and heart of the townspeople.
•Standing at an astonishing 7 feet at the age of 14 and having the mental and physical powers of a super human.
•He is the only hope for the citizens of the town, to over rule the government and become a different society again.
•Goes after the government for the towns rights and authority.

•The government of the town, more specifically Diana Moon Glampers.
•The one that is in control of the town people and has every right and opposition over the citizens.
•Weakened the power of every citizen, including Harrison Bergeron, by the use of weights around the neck, constant buzzes in the ear of those who are intelligent, glasses that weaken the eye sight, etc.
•She eventually, killed Harrison Bergeron because he escaped from jail, and disobeying law on public-live television.
George Bergeron •Best know as the slightly above average man, with enhanced intelligence and strength, but is put back by being handicapped.
•Is very courteous of the law, and will do nothing to go against it because of the harmful effects involed.
Hazel Bergeron •Is know as the average, household, American women in which they where stupid.
•She is emotional towards her son, but stops after a little bit, due to the fact that she cannot seem to remember anymore.
•Her stupidity takes over her body, thus not allowing her to think of the more important items.
Theme Equality is more or less achieved, but at the cost of freedom and individual achievement. In other words freedom is the price of equality. Citations 1. "Kurt Vonnegut." NNDB: Tracking the entire world. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Oct. 2012. <http://www.nndb.com/people/928/000022862/>.
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