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Y11 Intervention AS#3

No description

Laurie Johnston

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of Y11 Intervention AS#3

Y11 Intervention AS#3
last time in history we learnt:
EtC had no children
HG, W,DoN and HH all claimed the throne
HG and W,DoN both claimed EtC had promised the throne to him!
The Witan chose HG
England was wealthy, peaceful and well-governed
Last time out:

Spellings: Throne, Hardrada,

WMMQ - failure to write 3 paragraphs in 12 mark Q means no more than 6/12

ATQ - are you answering the question every line? Every paragraph? In your conclusion?

LINKS - try to link your points together. Linked answers score more heavily than three completely separate paragraphs

PRAISE: This week the following are averaging good passes on three pieces of work:

Adeleke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Omarr
Cozier, Skye
Craus, Regan
Falolu, Sheriff
Francis, Roxana
Gavidia Celi, Lesley
Meaney, Leanne
Orekoya, Victoria
Souhamy, William

Three Battles 1066

10 minutes to make notes on all four topics:

Gate Fulford
Stamford Bridge
William's victory
Exam practice

25 minutes

1. Describe two features of William's victory at Hastings (4 marks)

2. Explain why William won the Battle of Hastings. (12 marks)
You may use:
William's leadership
You must also use information of your own

3. William did not win the Battle of Hastings, Harold lost it. Do you agree? (16 marks)
William's luck
Harold's leadership
You must also use information of your own.

HG prepared well for invasion
Defeated HH but at a cost
WDoN timed his invasion well - FYRD disbanded
but it was a real risk - bad weather could have wrecked his fleet
The Battle of Hastings lasted all day and could have gone either way
There were many interlinking reasons for WDoN's victory - luck, tactics, leadership
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