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METC2013 Organizing Your Digital File Cabinet

YouTube, Diigo, Dropbox with a Hoarders theme.

Derek D'Angelo

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of METC2013 Organizing Your Digital File Cabinet

How to Create a Playlist in YouTube
Think of Playlists like Folders on your hard drive.
Playlists only create a link to the video location on YouTube. If the uploaded video is removed, the link you created will become empty.

1. Have a Google Account.
2. Go to YouTube. Search for a video you want to save.
3. Below the video click Add to.
4. Enter Your Playlist name and click Create Playlist. (Once you have playlists created you can choose a pre-existing playlist.) Editing your Playlists
1. There are a couple ways to get here.
a. Click your profile picture in the upper right of the screen. Icon for your Playlists will appear across the top of the screen. Click the PLAYLIST NAME to view and edit the playlist, clicking the video will play the playlist.
b. Depending on where you are in YouTube, you may see a Playlists link on the left side of the screen. Clicking this will take you to your Channel and Playlists. Click the PLAYLIST NAME to view and edit the playlist, clicking the video will play the playlist.
2. Click the Edit Playlist button in the upper left of the screen.

Your YouTube Channel
Click on your picture icon and choose My Channel if you are prompted, otherwise you may go straight to your channel.
Click on Channel settings to:
Change the background to a color or image.
Provide a description for your channel.
Get your channel URL
Go to Tabs to change the look of your channel.
Click edit to change featured video or playlists.
Clicking on Analytics can show you which videos on your playlist are being watched the most and much more. Embedding your Playlists
Two options:
a. Click on the name of the Playlist. Click Share (above the list of videos) Click embed, make changes and copy the code.
b. Play a video from within your playlist. Click Share. Click Embed. Choose settings and copy the code. http://www.diigo.com
Create an account on Diigo.
Click below to upgrade to a teacher account.
https://www.diigo.com/teacher_entry/educationupgrades Use Diigo to:
Highlight, add sticky notes, and bookmark articles or web sites of interest.
Add bookmarks to a list to keep them organized.
Share bookmarks to a group that you have created or joined.
Take a screenshot and archive or share it.
Share an article or site with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email or an annotated link.
Embed a linkroll on your website.
Teacher Console:
Create a group for your class.
Create member accounts for your students.
Any member can post topics, bookmarks, or comments for the entire class. Click below for browser add-ons & toolbars
https://www.diigo.com/tools One of the biggest problems I had staying organized was having files on my school computer and others on my home computer while others traveled on a flash drive.
Cloud based storage to the rescue!
I settled on Dropbox because the cost was free, its ease of use and accessibility across multiple platforms.
Now all of my files are synced between locations and I don't have things scattered all over that need to be organized.

Dropbox Tour
https://www.dropbox.com/tour http://m.socrative.com Room Number 837283 When I find a digital resource I most often put it in a convenient location and plan on getting back to explore and file it as soon as I have time. True or False? Derek D'Angelo
@derekdangelo Organizing Your Digital File Cabinet
METC 2013 https://www.blubbr.tv/game/index.php?game_id=5340&org=3 Things you can do to your Playlist:
Change Playlist Name.
Provide a description of the Playlist.
Choose visibility (public/private)
Change sharing options
Delete Playlist
Add video to playlist by typing in URL
Add a video or text introduction to each video.
Add a note to the video.
Adjust the start and end time for the video in the playlist
Change the order of videos in the playlist.
Delete the video from the playlist.
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