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No description

Mandy Lovato

on 3 September 2015

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Plot is a narrative (and, traditionally, literary) term defined as the events that make up a story, particularly: as they relate to one another in a pattern or in a sequence; as they relate to each other through cause and effect; how the reader views the story; or simply by coincidence.

Why I like "Viva Frida"
For older students this book can be used to introduce who Frida Kahlo was and how she has inspired other artists.
Illustrations: different media used
This book reflects the culture of many ELL spanish speaking students.
For younger students they will enjoy looking at the bright and vibrant colors and will help them also learn spanish words.
The Making of
"Viva Frida"
About YuYi Morales
Plot Continued...
As a class you can discuss what they think the plot of the book is if there is any at all
Mrs. Lovato's Class, "
Discovery of Self"
The Plot is subjective to the reader.
Evokes higher level thinking.
Born in Zalapa, Veracruz Mexico in 1968
Immigrated to San Francisco CA in 1994 with her husband and her son.
Awards: She has won numerous awards for both her writing and her illustrations.
Other works: http://www.yuyimorales.com
Fun Fact: When Yuyi grows old she dreams of becoming a professional liar, the kind of person who tells stories and people go, "Ahh, Ohh!"
Yuyi, Morales http://www.yuyimorales.com
Morales, Y (2014)Viva Frida, NY : Roaring Brook Press
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