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Blood Donation: The Choice to Save a Life


on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Blood Donation: The Choice to Save a Life

VJC 001
Angie Ong
Isabel Yeo
Wendy Neo
Victoria Conceicao
1) Introduction
2) Rationale
3) Existing Measures
4) Our Solution
5) Conclusion
Non-remunerated blood donation system


Annual difficulties in meeting the blood transfusion needs of Singapore

Why donate blood?
Blood is required daily
Short shelf life

Current Situation: Lack of Blood
Consequences of lack of Donations
1) Introduction
2) Rationale
3) Existing Measures
4) Our Solution
5) Conclusion
Channels of Collection
1) Blood donation centers at Woodlands, Outram Park and Dhoby Ghaut

2) Mobile blood drives held regularly in heartland areas

Adaptations to project
Conducting a mobile blood donation drive in school
Nationwide Pre-University Institution Blood Donation Drive Campaign
Phase 1: Publicity Posters
Phase 2:
Blood Donation Drive
Target audience: 17-18 year olds

Introduce blood donation as a charitable activity

Encourage greater awareness

Inculcate a lifelong habit of blood donation

Outline of Blood Donation Campaign
Publicity Posters
Publicity Video
Why youths?
Schools are the best platform

Harness potential of peer pressure

Easy to implement and cost-effective

Phase 1:
Publicity Video
Overall Evaluation
Further Extensions
1. Information disseminated to younger youths.

2. Extend this project to all the other pre-university institutions through collaboration.
37% increase in blood collected from 2012
Effective publicity material
Posters and Video equally effective
100% said they would donate again.
1) Relatable surroundings and characters
2) Visual Metaphors
3)Visual and artistic contrast
Design & Features
Process of Prototyping @ VJC
Video was presented a week prior to the blood drive along with a short presentation
1.Students laughed at the puns and applauded in the end.

2. Students commented that the typography was cool

3. Students were discussing it after assembly

1) Bright colours with clean and attractive layouts
2) Use of second person narrative and pop culture
3)Explicit highlighting of demand for blood donations
Design & Features
Process of Prototyping @ VJC
Posters were put up in
areas around the school
1. Easily produced and distributed

2. Easy canvas for different designs

3. Visually impactful images used to convey a single, focused message

With help from the Singapore Red Cross Organization, a
blood drive
was conducted in the hall on 1st August 2013

Blood Drive @ VJC
From 0900-1530,
students and teachers could come down to donate blood

1. Blood donation target of 140 met

2. Improvement from the previous year

3. Positive turnout, many first time donors

of residents are regular donors
“Someone in my family is a blood donor”
“Start your day saving lives”
“Release the hero within you”
1) Why Donate Blood?
2) Current Situation: Lack of blood
3) Reasons for not donation blood
4) Consequence of lack of blood
1) Current channels of collection
2) Existing campaigns
1) Overall Conclusion
2) Further extensions
2) What was our target and why?
1) Why a mobile blood drive at VJC?
Suggested Improvements
Long queues made it difficult for teachers to donate
Student’s insufficient knowledge of blood donation hindered the blood giving process
2. Better prepare students for blood donation using a checklist
1. Priority queue for teachers
Group Presentation Segment
Children with severe anaemia
Severe accident trauma patients
Surgical and cancer patients
People with blood conditions
People with haemophilia

Blood drive @ VJC
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