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Strange Love

No description

jazmin chavez

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Strange Love

By: Cynthia Rylant

What the Author Thinks and Personalities
Character Motivation
Quote # 1
"This is the way of children, when they truly want a thing, to pretend they don't. And then they grow angry when no one tries harder to give them this thing they so casually rejected..." I think that the author is trying to say that humans are very complicated with their emotions. I think this because they make it complicated for another person to know what they want or desire.
Quote # 2
" It is odd how we we sometimes deny ourselves the very pleasure we have longed for and which is finally within our reach..." The author is trying to say that when you finally have something you so desired or wanted you don't want it any more for some reason. I think this because the boy and the girl wanted to see each other but waited for a long time and then, when they finally saw each other t i guess they were too shy to talk to each other.
Girls and Boys Personality
The personality of the girl in "Checkouts is nice because the mom says " You'll be lonely at first, they admitted , but you're so nice you'll make friends fast.The method the author uses is through the moms thoughts. The personality of the boy is nervous and clumsy because the girl says " Strange, how attractive clumsiness can be. She left the supermarket with stars in her eyes, for she loved the way his long nervous fingers moved from the conveyer belt to the bags. Yes the author does use the same method because he used the girls thoughts like how he used the moms thoughts for the girl.
Definition and how the author show character motivation
For a character to think, behave, and act in a certain way. The author shows character motivation by characters thoughts or actions. Like "She had never told them how much she love grocery shopping, only that she was "willing" to do it. This is characters motivation because she wants her parents to believe that she is making a sacrifice because if she told them, her parent's would make her go grocery shopping when ever they need something.
Characters Actions
" Like a Tibetan monk in a solitary meditation, she calmed to a point of deep, deep happiness; this feeling came to her, reliably, if strangely, only in the super market." I think this is a feeling because the author states the word feeling in the quote.
"The girl hated herself for not checking out at the boys line...." I think that this is a characters felling because she says she hate herself and hatr is a feeling.
"The boy hated himself for not catching her eye and saying hello.." I think this is characters feeling because he hates himself for not talking to the girl.
Characters Thoughts
" It provided for her an anchor amid all that was impersonal and unfamiliar, and she spent less time on thoughts of what she left behind as she concentrated more on what might lie ahead." I think this is characters thoughts she says that she now think of what might lie ahead instead of thinking about the past.
" He believed he must have looked the fool in her eyes, and he envied the sureness of everyone around him.." I think that this is characters thought because he is thinking that he looked like a fool to the girl.
"You'll love the house, they said. I think that this is characters thoughts because her parents are thinking that the gilr is going to lve the house.
What motivation might the boy need to say something to the girl next time he sees her?
The motivation that the boy needs is to think "what if this is the last time I see her." If he thinks that he will feel courage because he will be thinking "there is no next time for me to talk to her so, i should do it now."
How did the boy and the girl feel after they ignored each other on their second meeting ?
The boy and the girl hated each other because in the narrative it says " The girl hated herself because for not checking out at the boys line , and the boy hated himself for not catching her eye and saying hello, and they most sincerely hated each other for without having ever engaged even two minutes of conversation.
How are the boy and the girl each part of the others journey in life ?
They are each part of the others journey in life because after they met the first time they wanted to see each other again.For the girl wanting to see him again she wouldn't be thinking of the life she left behind, she would be thinking of what might lie ahead.For the boy wanting to see her again it brought him possibilities and romance .
Characters Feelings
" She had never told them how much she loved how much she loved grocery shopping , only that she was "willing" to do it. I think that this is an action because she is taking an action by not telling her parents that she likes grocery shopping or else they will have her go all the time.
" And as impulse tore at her to lie on the floor , to hold their ankles and tell them that she felt she was dying, to offer anything, anything at all, so they might allow her to finish growing up in the town of her childhood......." I think that this is characters actions because she is taking an action to persuade her parents.
" She gave up her fancy for the bag boy at the supermarket." I think that this is a action because she decided to move on.
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