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Hard Questions from PNMs

No description

Katelyn Young

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Hard Questions from PNMs

Hard Questions from PNMs
"How much does it cost to become a new member?"
First semester is the most costly due to new member fees
$93 new member fee which includes all new member materials
Initiation fee starts at $175-depend on what badge they choose
Along with dues for the semester
"Are you "really" close to all your sisters?"
be honest, but not too honest
"I have my best friends in the sorority, but I do honestly love and respect all of them
"I believe we have the best sisterhood on campus
"My parents/boyfriend believe all sororities do is party...how can I convince them?"
we are known for:
community service
sisterhood activities
academic excellence
campus involvement(Weeks of welcome, Involvement Expo, Days of Service)
leadership development(LDI, AFLV, UIFI)
"I heard that girls in ______ are mean? What do you think of them?"
Never talk badly about another sorority
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all
keep topics away from other sororities, it's free publicity for them and doesn't belong in our recruitment room
"What do I have to do to be initiated?"
pay your new member dues and fees
complete your new member modules
explain 8 week education program
make a point to tell them that ASA does not haze their members
"I am worried about my grades."
intellectual development is one of four aims in ASA
tell them about our scholarship plan
many Alpha Sigma Alpha scholarships
we have study tables for sisters
"I am a legacy, am I automatically in?"
"We love meeting legacies!"
Explain legacy policy
legacies are given top priority in who we give bids to, but we do not practice automatic bids or bid promising
"My parents don't want me to join, what if I just didn't tell them?"
"We really encourage parents to be involved in your membership"
we invite them to certain events (Parent's Day, Special Olympics Bowling, etc.)
Encourage them to make the best decision for them
Don't tell them it is okay to lie to their parents
"I don't think I have enough time."
Balance is one of our eight core values
we look for well rounded members
85% participation required
During the school year, we have chapter Sunday at 6 P.M.
"What leadership opportunities will I have?"
Positions within the chapter
Exec Board
LDI, District Da, UIFI, AFLV
We are always looking for aspiring leaders
Ask if they have ever held a leadership position
"Do you have friends in other sororities?"
perk of IUPUI greek life is that all of the organizations hang out and get along.
What is the best sorority on campus?
Best isnt a word I would use but we have an amazing sisterhood and are really involved on campus
We won a "Seek" award from National Headquarters
You can share a personal story about why you are PROUD to be an Alpha Sig
"Why did you choose Alpha Sigma Alpha?"
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