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Triangle Congruence Project

to communicate my understanding of the five ways triangles can be congruent.

David Deramee

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Triangle Congruence Project

By David Deramee SSS SAS ASA AAS Hypotenuse Leg Side Side Side Corresponding triangles Side Angle Side Corresponding Triangles Angle Side Angle Corresponding Triangles Angle Angle Side Corresponding Triangles HL THE STEPPING STONES OF UNDERSTANDING CONGRUENT TRIANGLES A J B C K L Side Side Side corresponding Triangles is
when three sides are congruent to each
other and are in the same order, making
the triangle congruent.

So Triangle ABC is Congruent to Triangle JKL A B C X Y Z Side Angle Side corresponding Triangles is another way to find out if the triangle pair is congruent to each other.
This is where two side pairs are congruent with a congruent pair of angles inbetween each side.
So Triangle BAC is congruent to Triangle YXZ E F G M N O Angle Side Angles is where there are two congruent angles and a congruent line pair inbetween.
So Angle EFG is congruent to Angle MON H I G J K L Angle Angle Side corresponding triangles
is where two triangles are congruent because
in order a pair of angles are congruent, a pair of angles are congruent, and then a pair of sides
that are congruent.
So Triangle GHI is congruent to Triangle JKL. Hypotenuse Leg is where two right angle
triangles are congruent to each other.
They are congruent because they both have 90 degree angles, one side must be congruent with its corresponding side, and another side must be congruent with its corresponding side.
So Triangle XYZ is congruent to Triangle LMN X Y Z L M N Three ways to tell if a pair of triangles are not congruent
1) If the corresponding sides are not congruent
2) If there is not enough information
3) If the order is Angle side Side or vice versa Block4-B
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