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Copy of The Odyssey Introduction

Brief overview of the events before during the Iliad that set Odyseus on his journy

Shannon McDermott

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of The Odyssey Introduction

The Odyssey What is The Odyssey? The Odyssey is the oldest recorded epic poem from western literature. Written about 2800 years ago by the blind poet Homer. The Odyssey is the journey of Odysseus. After fighting in the Trojan War for ten years, Odysseus is ready to go home. Odysseus makes one big mistake though, he has too much pride. The Greeks felt that pride was one of the worst sins; therefore, in part, The Odyssey is a moral tale. Before we move on, we need to understand the events that led Odysseus to the start of our story. The Odyssey is a sequel to Homer's poem, The Iliad. 'Iliad' means relating to Ilium (the Roman name for Troy). It is the story of the Trojan War. Like all stories worth telling, The Iliad is about a girl, Helen. Helen was the most beautiful girl in all of Greece and all the Greek kings wanted to marry her. To avoid fighting, all the kings sign a treaty that says they will all support the king that Helen chooses and defend their marriage with their armies (this was Odysseus' idea).
Helen chooses Menelaus (King of Sparta). So Helen and Menelaus are happily
married until.... The Greek gods are having a party. Everyone is invited, except Eris, the goddess of discord (fighting and bickering). Eris decides to ruin the party; she secretly throws a golden apple with the words "to the fairest" into the feast. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite each think that the apple should go to herself. Zeus is supposed to choose the winner, but knows that he can't because all the women would be mad at him if he didn't choose them including his wife Hera. So he decided to let the son of the King of Troy, Paris, choose. Hera promises to make Paris the king of Asia, Athena promises to make him the wisest and most skilled warrior, and Aphrodite promises him Helen as his wife. Who does Paris pick as the winner? Paris visits Sparta anyways, and one night, he and Helen run away together. Her husband Menelaus wakes up to find her gone and calls all the Greek kings to honor the agreement to fight for his marriage. 1,000 ships are launched to destroy Troy and bring Helen home. This is the beginning of the Trojan War!
DRAMATIC! TROY vs. SPARTA: Troy has the best archers and very high walls. The Greeks cannot find a way to get in and it is looking like victory is hopeless. Then, Odysseus has a brilliant idea. Odysseus plans to hide the Spartan army in a wooden horse, left as a surrendering gift to the Trojans. When the horse is brought into the city, the army will sneak out at night and take the city. By sneaking into Troy in the Trojan horse, the Spartans won the war. And that is where The Odyssey will start. Now, after ten years of fighting, Odysseus (King of Ithaca) is planning go home to Ithaca to see his family. You may already know elements of this story, through movies you've seen or the myths you've studied. The Odyssey is the tale of a hero's long and perilous journey home. However, it is also the story of son in need of his father... and the story of a faithful wife waiting for her husband's return. However, Odysseus is not
your typical epic hero. a larger-than-life central character in an epic poem, who displays the qualities and values of a society through his actions He is faced with difficult choices, post-war disillusionment, and disrespect from his homeland. He also exhibits some not-so-heroic behavior along the way. He also appears to be going through a mid-life crisis of sorts, searching for inner peace. Let's see where this epic journey takes Odysseus... What does the word epic mean?
Write at least 2 examples. HELEN! But remember that she is married to Menelaus! MYTHOLOGY A story that uses the
to explain the natural world
or to explain human nature. We are about to read a myth.
It is an Epic Poem
about an Epic Hero. NOT THIS DUDE PARIS
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