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Jean-Michel Basquiat


Brandon Wheeler

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat
(December 22, 1960-August 12, 1988) Bio Born in Brooklyn, New York
Mother saw potential in his art skills
Hospitalized when he was seven
Was inspired by the the diagrams in "Gray's Anatomy"

Began spray-painting graffiti at 17
Dropped out of high school in '78
Career went international in 1981
Befriended Andy Warhol in 1982
Died in 1988 due to "Speedballing" Art Periods 1980-1982 Painted on Canvas
Pictures related to his obsession with mortality
Pictures also illustrated city figures 1982-1985 Paintings typically included an abundance of text, collage and seemingly irrelevant images
1886-Death in 1988 Warhol
Experience Became friends in 1982
Painted together to influence eachother
Produced many collaborative pieces
Remained friends until Warhol's death Drug Influence? I start a picture and I finish it.
I don't think about art while I work.
I try to think about life. These pieces tended to include more symbolic illustrations Influenced.. Expressionism
Use of text with art
Diversity in the art world
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