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Internship Presentation

This prezi will showcase the activities and projects that I produced during my Educational Technology Internship.

Beverly Barnes

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Internship Presentation

copyright/fair use laws ed tech classes technology committee I led the committee that focused on 3 areas - technology plan, professional development, grant writing/funding Teachers and students were reminded about citing any images or text that they use from someone else Educational Technology Internship Introduction to Educational Technology

This class started the entire program. It gave me the confidence that I was going to be able to learn all kinds of new technology. Telecommunications in the Classroom

This class started me thinking about the need to make teachers and students aware of copyright and fair use laws.
So many teachers and students were using items, particularly images, without giving credit to the owner. The Role of the Technology Specialist
The class helped me in leading the technology committee this past year.
This class also helped me to know what to include in the technology plan. Educational Technology Seminar
This class got me thinking about what I really believe technology should look like in a school.
The debate project made me step out of my comfort zone and at the same time gave me the opportunity to think on my feet. Distance Education
This class helped me to think outside of the box. In particular when I had to present a staff development that was canceled because of snow. The tech committee is Planning on contacting the HCPSS technology facilitator and the PTA concerning the state of the technology at my school. We will evaluate after that to determine how the technology committee can support the needs of the school. technology plan Final format HCPSS Technology Plan Maryland State Teacher TechnologyStandards Maryland State Technology Standards for Students First FQMS plan First Steps FQMS Plan 2010 - 2011 Plans Assistive/Adaptive Technology Handbook More on-line
professional development Parent presentation about the importance of citing sources. Student and Teacher awareness for the importance of citing sourcs. On-line professional development Tech Literacy
Assessment http://www.barnestech.edublogs.org
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