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v14r2 Path-Tec


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Transcript of v14r2 Path-Tec

Pain Points
What We Do
Who We Are
How We Help
Reimbursement cuts create a need for lowering costs
Labs are making less money per test
Too many vendors
Asset visibility
Cannot properly track specimens, supplies, and client utilization
Service issues
Time consumption from management and logistics aspect reduces efficiency
Labs spend too much time worrying about client supplies and logistics rather than focusing on what they do best
Path-Tec has been delivering innovative specimen and
client management
solutions since 2005
We understand the challenges that laboratories encounter with their pre-analytical processes
Our mission is to
become the single choice for laboratories in providing the most effective products and services to collect, transport, and track clinical samples.
Client Supply Distribution
& Warehousing
Management Technology
Client Support Technology

Reimbursement cuts create a need for lowering costs
Labs are making less money per test
Kits and supplies system, inventory management, courier and carrier tracking, marketing supplies, etc.
are reduced into a
single platform
Asset visibility
Cannot properly track specimens, lack of reporting, no temperature monitoring
Service issues
Multiple systems creates chaos, contributes to reduced service levels
Labs spend too much time worrying about logistics and tedious management rather than focusing on what they do best
Too many vendors
We offer solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and create opportunities for your lab to thrive in today’s healthcare environment
Global Distribution
We are committed to
helping your laboratory
thrive in today’s changing healthcare landscape without sacrificing
quality or service
When partnering with
Path-Tec, laboratories benefit from our specimen management expertise to reduce costs, improve client service levels, and overall operational efficiencies
Benefit from Path-Tec’s technology solutions and experienced team to increase service levels for your clients

Path –Tec: The standard of excellence in specimen management solutions
Improve your courier scheduling, tracking, and communications.
We provide the technology necessary to effectively manage all of your pre-analytical client support needs
Inability to meet clients’ various supply and logistics requirements

Track specimens, supplies,
and client utilization with our powerful asset visibility tools

Kits, supplies, logistics, and technology solutions are managed from different platforms
We provide a kit development solution that is focused on helping you reduce cost, ensure proper specimen transportation compliance, and maintain specimen integrity.
We can provide all of your client supply needs ranging from specimen collection devices, packaging, custom forms, marketing, and promotional items.
Improve Client inventory, visibility, utilization, cost, and service levels
Partner Managed Inventory, Mins & Max System, Standing Orders, Lot Management, Warehousing, Client Supplied Inventory, Cold Storage, Climate Controlled Warehousing
Path-Tec has the technology, team, and relationships to help you better manage your client and specimen logistics
Reduce logistics and supply expense
Consolidate your client support vendors and technology to save time, reduce cost and improve service levels.
Monitor Specimen Pick Ups
Intuitive Mobile App
Schedule Routes
Track Supply Deliveries
Reconcile Inbound Samples
Real-Time Reporting
Kit Design, Cold Chain Solutions, Package Testing, Graphic Design, Patient Specific Kitting and more
Technology Platform, Proactive Management, Experienced Logistics Team, Cost Management, Bill Auditing, National Network of Couriers

Same Day Shipments, Client Specific Form Printing, Multiple Distribution Sites, Advanced Quality Technology, Detailed Supply and Lot Tracking
Increase Client Retention
Improve inventory management
Lower Labor Costs
Single source for Kits


Forms & Marketing
Supplier Performance Metrics
ConsolidatedLogistics Billing
SpectraPath Client Support Technology
Carrier Integration
Detailed Reports and Dashboards
Single Source Distribution
Supply Tracking Tools
Superior Quality
and Performance
Experienced Leadership and Team
Visual Analytics
Performance Tracking and Reporting
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