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Merchandising Colette

No description

Martin Vallet

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Merchandising Colette

March, 18th 1997 by Colette Rousseaux & Sarah Lerfel, her daughter

What is a Concept Store ? Introduction 49 employees

Online website Not just a store but a brand
- creation of house perfume
- candels Store concept Mix of fashion, perfume & design, music and edition, photography, beauty & high technologies "Gather in an unique place all the most trendy things of the Fashion Planet" Each product is chosen by Sarah Lerfel It became the best concept store example : fashion & hype

Previews for big brands Creation of exclusivities for example for the release of the previous Ipod The Store 700m2 on 3 floors

Spacious shop windows and displays regrouping goods by category

Each product is unique or in a few quantity

Surcharged aspect is avoid and exclusivity is targeted Water-Bar Restaurant Ground floor First floor 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, 1st arrondissement Warren Azan Kevin Aubrée Romain Traversino Martin Vallet Communication vector Many events & leisures Evasion vector Every product make us dream Attraction / Interest / Notoriety Cultural vector Discs

Books about design, graphism & fashion

Objects from all around the world Sensorial Marketing Auditive Music

Electronic / Hip-Hop / Recent Pop-Rock Olfactory Perfume inside & outside of the store Tactile Most of the products could be touched and/or tried Visual Many paintings & artworks

Bright & white lights refering to modernity aspect Gustative Menu displayed on an IPad at the entrance of the restaurant Tribal Marketing Unique products with high prices so hardly accessible

Ultra fashion & hype symbol

Very famous in the trendy places of Paris & in other worldwide big cities

Feeling of making part of a community

More than 136,000 fans on FB just for a store Original atmosphere

Simple food

Good value for money

Young and welcoming waiters More than 80 different waters Fashion clothes & new creators

Dedicated to the women

Beauty corner More than 60 events each year Conclusion One of the first concept store

Increasing notoriety

French institution

Constant innovation
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